It has been over a year that the world has suffered direct and indirect effects of the global pandemic. Since 2020, Covid-19 has been adversely affecting not only our physical health but also our social lives, mental well-being, education, and every sector of the economy. While prioritising to reduce the number of infections and save lives, governments of almost every nation declared some level of lockdown at least once.


As a result, businesses large and small have been severely impacted. Development came to a grinding halt. The loss was unbearable for some businesses; others are fighting to sustain themselves. Reopening the economy with necessary adjustments is considered to be the most feasible solution for moving forward at this juncture.  


Therefore, social distancing measures are here to stay for at least the immediate future. This risk-mitigating practice was introduced worldwide, and people everywhere should be aware of what it means to keep a safe distance and why it is important. But it has proven necessary to remind people returning to public spaces that distancing guidelines have not disappeared and are not mere suggestions. Levels of enforcement vary based on location, and some people seem to think that masks are not important anymore -- or maybe never subscribed to the idea in the first place. Ensuring social distance is a real challenge, but non-compliant customers pose a threat to employees and other patrons, so it is crucial for business owners to remain vigilant. One way to remind people to keep safe by maintaining proper distances is by using social distancing floor stickers


This cause is to aid the businesses and economy while protecting people from harm. Print Britannia has incorporated social distancing floor decals and stickers in their printing service. As the world attempts to return to normalcy, it's important to encourage adherence to current guidelines. 


What Are Social Distancing Stickers? 


People of all levels must follow the recommendations about social distancing given by the World Health Organization. Retailers are one group in particular who are in a position to help implement proper behaviour through the use of instructional signs and stickers.


First of all, what is social distancing? It's about maintaining enough distance between individuals when in a public place so that potentially virus-carrying particles are not transmitted from one to another.


However, when people venture out for grocery shopping or job purposes, it's not always possible to gauge distances by visual estimation alone. Hence, business owners realised that an easy, effective strategy is to place physical markers on surfaces like shop floors and pavement where customers queue.


Why Do You Need Social Distancing Stickers? 


Though everyone has heard the term "social distancing" by now, the practice is not always observed with utmost seriousness. Moreover, not everyone has the same level of awareness and understanding. As the world goes through a crisis, panic is a common reaction -- which leads to actions counterintuitive to efforts to curb virus transmission. 


For instance, when countries announced a lockdown, people rushed to the grocery store to stock up on provisions out of panic. This reaction not only caused the imbalanced distribution of daily necessities but also spread the virus acutely. In response, measures like the use of floor stickers were taken in America, Europe, and in most of the developed countries. 


Such stickers come with a message and different forms of graphic design to indicate appropriate places to stand in relation to other people. They are usually placed in factories, stores, or anywhere customers form a queue. Staff and customers should be able to easily see the stickers, and the aim is that they will naturally be inclined to follow the distancing instructions indicated. It's an affordable and safe way to minimize the coronavirus spread and lower the curve of infection. 


What Types of Social Distancing Stickers Are Available? 


From stickers for floors to posters and vinyls for doors, windows, and walls (all in various sizes), Print Britannia is here to help facilitate implementation of social distancing in public by providing a selection of high-quality products for your business.


“2 Metres” Floor Stickers 


The most common social distancing stickers usually feature a simple graphic: two stick figures on opposite sides of a round sticker, with a double-sided arrow between them labeled “2m”. The clear message indicated is that individuals should keep at least 2 metres apart. Print Britannia provides such stickers in a range of colours and sizes, and offers customisation if desired. These sturdy, weatherproof stickers can be used both indoor and outdoor. 


“One Way” Floor Stickers


One-way stickers are simple and effective. They may be designed with a simple arrow and nothing else, which is usually enough to designate direction of foot traffic flow. Instructional messages are sometimes added to read “One Way”, “Keep Left”, etc. These are markers that people can see and follow easily. 


“Please Stand Here” Floor Stickers


In the early days of the pandemic, many businesses would measure out a line from the door and place an “X” in masking tape every two metres to designate a safe queueing distance. While the intention was fairly clear, it was a hasty measure that looked sloppy, and now there are purpose-made stickers that look professional and display a direct message. Stickers that spell out “Please Wait Here” or a similar notice are nearly impossible to misinterpret. As it is important for every business to keep their patrons safe, and since not everyone can accurately estimate certain distances, these quickly became one of the popular social distancing floor stickers. 


Custom Designed Floor Stickers 


If none of the existing stickers appeal to you, the team at Print Britannia is happy to help fulfil your creative vision. Whether you want to provide a design you have created, have the staff design a custom sticker for you, or simply alter an existing design — perhaps to feature colours, images, or fonts representative of your brand — all you have to do is ask. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the amicable Print Britannia staff by email ([email protected]), phone (020 3441 6673), or in person at their shop in East London. 


Short or Long Term Solution


Though vaccination rollouts have been underway, the virus has not been eradicated, and for now we are still obligated to follow some distancing guidelines and other precautions. This being the case, we don't know yet how long we have to use the social distancing stickers. Fortunately, the stickers produced by Print Britannia are durable and permanent — that is, they hold up to being stepped on without coming off the floor or marring the printed image — but they may be removed when necessary. The default types are weather-proof as well (usually polyester or vinyl), unless a paper sticker is requested. Under normal circumstances they can last up to two years on most surfaces, including tile, wood, carpet, and pavement.




It remains the responsibility of all of us, especially business owners, to learn and implement social distancing as much as possible for the safety of customers, employees, and the general public. As using clearly visible stickers is a great way to ensure safety and promote awareness, social distancing floor stickers are important tools for any shop or factory owner. 


If you are interested in using floor stickers, the knowledgeable staff at Print Britannia is always eager to provide excellent customer service to satisfy your needs. Don’t hesitate to seek out the amazing designs and top-quality printed products, all affordably priced, from Print Britannia.