In marketing, flyers do play a vital role. This affordable tool allows you to secure face to face interactions with customers, uphold the advantages of your products and services. But how, right? Well, for this, you need to know about the types. And there are several types of flyer - which one should you choose that depends on how much understanding you have. 


See, you are having one of the comfortable means to showcase your products' benefits along with an instant response. Moreover, it is an incredibly cheap yet striking marketing tool. Therefore it would help best if you employed this to make headways for your business. 


Despite being age-old, flyers are beneficial for different types of businesses. You can use this to achieve new prospects, customers, promote or announce sales. It would be best to go through this post so that you can learn and decide better. 


And it is time to move on. 


Types of Flyer - Which One Should You Choose?


Different types of flyers serve different kinds of purposes. One may fulfil your event needs while the other is effective for offering discounts. Marketers classify all the flyers in major three categories. These are as follows-


Flyer Ads: You can use this type of flyer to inform about your business establishment, sale, service and product availability, etc. Generally, the flyer ads are precise and easily readable content. This has been serving marketing purposes for ages. 


Corporate Flyers: The corporate houses use this to elevate their brand awareness. They prepare a flyer so that it instigates the public mind and creates interest in them. Naturally, corporate flyers include their contact details, product and service information along with necessary visuals or images, and of course, the brand logo. 


Photo-centric Flyers: This type of flyer focuses more on imagery than on written content. You will see the vigorous use of bright colour schemes there. It aims to grab the readers’ attention through beautiful colour tones instantly. People can come up with what they are going to get from an event or party. It can be a business event or musical or political event. So you can easily print glossy flyers for such a purpose. 


You may select any of these types of flyer - which one you will choose depends on your goal and budget also. 


Common Types of Flyers 


Now let us discuss some of the most common types of flyers. These common flyers can be as significant as the major ones. However, it depends on your goal. 


Leaflets: Let the flyers print in this shape. Marketers consider this as an ideal method of growing a business. Or, you can use this sort of flyer as a fundraising or propagating tool. It immediately impacts and ensures a good return on investment. 


Handbill: Here, the intended information comes in text. You can print flyers cheap by choosing such an option. These are visually pleasing. 


Digital Brochures: People need different types of flyers to print digitally, don’t they? In this epoch of the online revolution, digital marketers help businesses increase their sales by using this sort of modern flyer.


Poster: Posters can instantly engage and profoundly impact busy people. This is another type of flyer to use for social, political or business purposes. 

Door Handle Marketing Flyers: Do you want to reach different types of audiences? Then choose this cost-effective way of marketing.


Pamphlet: The main focus is on providing information, not on selling. This is one sort of booklet or leaflet. It can either bear information or argument. Such a flyer is a fantastic means of promoting brand awareness. Better print colour flyers but no worries, you can print colour flyers cheap by choosing a pamphlet. 


Bi-fold brochures: These will work as a detailed reference for your products or services. And it needs to be easy-going. This is a fantastic tool to grab people’s attention. 


Tri-Fold Brochures: You might be pattering like, ‘how can I print my flyers in a way that will propagate a huge amount of information precisely!’ Then go for tri-fold brochures. This is what you are looking for, right?


Gate-fold brochures: Despite being usually cheap, you may print flyers costly. Yes, If you are not fearful of the high cost to print flyers, you may prioritise this. It can meet the high-end demands of big companies.


Look into the Design


There are many places to print flyers in the United Kingdom, but how about the design issue? Let's ponder on the design of flyers. 


  • You had better go for a neon accent upon a dark base while having flyers for kids’ books or health brands. Greens and yellows will work better. And please try to ensure an energetic design. 


  • Print out flyers by creating an eye-soothing frame around the message. Also, you can use graphics. Such a surprising pattern can draw people’s attention quickly. 


  • You should use accustomed colours and imagery in some cases. Suppose you are designing flyers for travelling purposes, then use customary stamps and postcards.


  • Black can be the apt colour to print business flyers, especially if you have a luxury brand to promote. Moreover, to evoke horror or a feeling of danger. 


  • People print club flyers usually to arrange a business event. It can also be a holiday or seasonal like a summer coming celebration. In that case, you should focus on presenting the food items, chilling machines with bright colours. 


You can print flyers for cheap without thinking of trivial designs! 


Let the Flyer Message Fly


It would be best to make your flyer content as magnetic as an attractive design. The importance of a good text is so high that experts regard written content as a design element. So better emphasise creating catchy, bold headlines along with a vibrant body copy. Make it comfortably readable yet... captivating! 


Having a polite call-to-action is a must. And let‘s say- you want to print party flyers. Then it would help best if you inserted info like the event name,  ticket price, exact date and time, venue address, etc. Put every necessary detail and speak downright to the people.


Pro Tips 


Apply the tremendous copywriting formula AIDA that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action in need. 


How Much Does It Cost to Print Flyers


You might be thinking how much to print flyers, right? You may have to print custom flyers or something else. 


Well, if you are in London, on average, you will have to pay approximately £66.00 to print 1000 A5 flyers, including VAT. 


This comprises all the necessary costs, i.e. printing costs, design costs etc. You can expect to have 250-5000 leaflets in a 2-4 hours turnaround time. It will be wise to find out the cheapest way to print flyers.


Print Your Own Flyers


Print flyers at staples. They are reputed. However, to print flyers staples-level, you have to pay their standard. Staples print flyers are reputed. You need to upload or provide your requirements through  website. Rest is theirs.


And hey, you can try yourself too! Yes, you can print flyers online. You can easily choose a template and start making your own business or party flyers. Otherwise, you can reach out to any UK printing shop and say- print my flyers! 


Flyers do fly across smartphones, tablets, and computers. Today’s people remain addicted or bound to email, websites, and different social media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.


How to Print Flyers 


This ‘how’ leads to where to print flyers as well. You might be saying, “Where can I print flyers cheaply?” or “How to print flyers near me!” 


To print cheap flyers, you should not compromise quality. In London, there are reliable hubs like Print Britannia. This is the cheapest place to print flyers and the best place to print flyers too! 


Final Thoughts 


You can design and print flyers to raise your brand awareness, promote your sales. It increases your company’s credibility. Hopefully, now you have a healthy idea of the different types of flyer. Now it’s up to you to implement this to shine in your business arena.