The click says you are looking for a brochure printing service. That's great! Or you might be thinking of a brochure printing start-up. Whatever it is, we appreciate your curiosity. And let us confirm that you have landed on the right page. 


Generally, businesses use this crucial informative paper document for their advertising purpose. That means you may use this to publicise your company, products, or services to your potential customers as well as existing customers. A brochure can take the form of a template, pamphlet, or leaflet. And it can either be folded paper or a set of related unfolded papers. It would help if you printed such a pocket-friendly for your promotional purposes. 


Look, there are some vital things to consider before heading toward brochure printing. Learning them with care is essential. To ease the entire activity, we have prepared this guide on brochure printing. Want to get the best part? 


Okay, let's go! 


Brochure Printing - What to Consider Before Going


The fact is, the brochure is one of the most effective ways of marketing. It is a type of booklet printing method.  Let’s go through the core points one by one! This guide will benefit you in the long run.


Be Sure of Your Purpose and Preparation  


First of all, it would be best to be clear with your purpose for the sake of printing brochure fruitfully. Are you looking to demonstrate your products, or do you merely want to provide general company information? Or who knows, you might be looking to promote your products through an event guide!


Now come to the second point. Have you ensured the design material? How about your content planning? Are they all set for printing? Nothing to hurry. Errors are common even after laborious editing. So check if all the things are okay before you assign a brochure printing company. This will help you avoid any unexpected delays and reduce the cost of reprinting. Let not the cost of brochures surpass your advertising budget!


How about the Cover Page, Graphics, and Layout?


Have you or your hired designer been able to create an engaging cover page? You had better align the cover page with the type of your product or service. This is crucial for every brochure print. It should raise the thirst in readers to get more from the brochure. 


The heading must include an unfailing call-to-action along with a fabulous image. Check whether the title, graphics, and layout represent your brand or not. Make it clean, authentic, and engaging. In brief, it should tell the target customers what they are going to get inside!


Setting the Product as the Sun of Brochure Printing 


The goal is to convert the readers into your customers, isn’t it? Then it would help best if you set your product in the centre of attention. It will be fruitful for having long-term customers too! 


Imagine you are the potential customer and think from that end. Better focus the benefits in a way that promises value-added service. And before printing, Triple-check the typography, font, and text copy as well as the whole design to see if they are attractive enough.  


Learn about Binding 


How would you hold your brochure together? This is very important. It’s all about marketing and presenting your product or service. The success of brochure printing depends much on it. If you fail to ensure good quality binding, you will have to repent. It would be best to choose the type of binding depending on the number of pages in your magazine. Here we recommend some specific types of binding for a particular job.


  • You can opt for saddle-stitch binding if the number of pages is relatively low. Do you have artwork covering two adjacent pages? Then this type of binding will serve your purpose most. 


  • You may need staples brochure printing. The wire staples used here separate each page as a unit and create a good-looking magazine. This cost-effective solution paves the way to spend better on brochures printing


  • You will have the perfect-bound brochures glued. The cover at the spine makes it sturdy. This is an ideal option for larger page runs.


  • And you will find ‘wiro bound documents’ as the ideal choice for professional documentation, no doubt. 


Resolve Your Brochure Size Issue 


In brochure printing, the size of the brochure matters. It is essential to secure a clear concept. No matter you need premium brochure printing or something else, the standard brochure sizes are as follows:


  • 8.5 x 11
  • 8.5 x 14
  • 11 x 17
  • 11 x 25.5 


The first one can easily suit your mini brochure printing requirement. You have to choose a size that accents the quantity of information you want. Your assigned brochure printing company can suggest you better. 


A larger size is recommendable for corporate brochure printing. You can quickly go for a multi-page brochure in case of have too much information. It will help scatter the information you want to insert into the brochure.


The size issue also matters to the fold type. You may need folded brochure printing which is similar to folded flyer printing. In that case, decide what sort of fold you want. No doubt, all the best online brochure printing shops in the UK can resolve your size and fold-related issues. Just google brochures printing online and get the solution! Nevertheless, you better learn about different folds, and the most available folds are:


  • Tri-Fold
  • Half Fold
  • Accordion Fold
  • Z Fold
  • 4 Panel Fold
  • Quarter Fold
  • Gate Fold 


Fixing the Brochure Costs


You might be googling ‘print brochures near me’; you may need same day brochure printing. But before that, fixing the brochure printing cost is essential. Even a top-notch shop can assure you of a cheap brochure printing service. 


Look, brochure printing prices vary. The more you enlarge the brochure order, the more the brochure printing price will go up. Besides, a good quality paper shall make you pay according to its worth. Suppose you need a saddle-stitched staple-bound brochure to print throughout 32pp, 130gsm, then you will have to pay up to £3.01 per A4 size brochure, and an A5 size can charge up to £1.61 per brochure on average. Besides, go through different brochure printing companies’ websites to learn specifically about their pricing against your order. Ask if they want an extra penny for providing folding options for the brochure.




  • Sometimes the price for mailing a 20-page brochure equals mailing a 10-page brochure. In that case, opting for a larger brochure will be wise. You will find brochure printing cheap this way! 


  • The brochure printing online facility is amazingly available in the United Kingdom. You can go for the ‘pay as you want’ option to get your custom brochure printing service on such a website. You can easily minimise the cost. 


Learn about Printing Capacity 


You had better choose a printing shop that assures you of a brochure printing machine with LED UV capacity. It features UV Curing for drying the inks and adhesives. Do you need fast brochure printing? Well, then you cannot but appreciate its speedier turnaround times because of its efficient drying process, and that’s even without compromising on quality! This technology can lead your brochure printing to perfection, giving a luxurious look, sharp colour, and blemish-free production. 


You might need a large brochure printing service. Hence confirm whether they can print the type of stock you need. And as professional experts, we think gloss coated 100# text weight will be the best as your brochure printing paper. Let your brochure print this way. Moreover, you might need blue metal or red metal perforated brochure. So be sure if your chosen printing hub can provide this. 


Check the Bleeds, Borders, Photos, and Colour Combination


Suppose you urgently need a brochure online printing solution, and you won't have any physical contact with the printing hub. Even if so, it would be best if you didn't forget to tell your printer to keep a 5mm border over the phone. It is called the safe area. It helps avoid white lines on the final page size or cropping off the edges of images. 


Overall, it ensures top-notch printing quality. And remember, an attention-grabbing vivid brochure contains the apt combination of photos and colours. So it would help if you confirmed this too! You might be in search of a reliable brochure design and printing house in the United Kingdom. In that case, don't hesitate to approach Print Britannia for that sort of service. Here you can design and print brochures affordably!




The readers get reluctant when they see any awkward wording and grammatical mistakes. To print out brochures error-free, you should consider proofing as crucial as the designing part. Also, avoid any rush formatting. There should be a balance between the text and the number of images. Hiring a proofreader will be better. 


To Wrap Up 


This article on brochure printing was a generous endeavour from Print Britannia. Hopefully, you have got a sound understanding of what to consider end-to-end. Nevertheless, don’t let your curiosity die. Better keep learning and let your company’s brochure print thoughtfully. We hope you will get more during the practical experience. Have a happy printing!