Comb bindings or "cerlox or surelox binding" is a popular binding method to hold a pile of documents as a book. Compared to other binding methods, comb binding is affordable, durable and reusable when there is a large stack of documents that need to be bound together. 


Comb Binding 


The comb binding machine uses a cylindrical plastic as the spine and a hole puncher. To bind the documents, a sturdy plastic spine is placed, which has multiple holes in it. The spine is incorporated with tines that are in the shape of closed rings. In order to bind the documents, the papers are cut into rectangular holes. 


Then, the tines are spread and clasped through the rectangular holes to complete the binding. As the comb binding mechanism looks like a comb, it is titled comb binding. When a book is comb-bound, know that it secures every piece of paper neatly placed along the spine. Not only does it protect the booklets from tearing, but it also allows the reader to turn, fold or lie the book flat easily.  


Comb binding services


With the comb binding process, any document can be read like a book. At print Britannia, we use high-quality material for the spine and tines that will be durable and resistant to discolouration and peeling. With us, you can bind A4 documents for comb bindings in portrait and landscape styles. 




The available colour of the spin is black, as it easily blends with any cover design or paper material. Moreover, for the cover, we provide a transparent acetate cover. Because we believe a comb-bound book with a transparent cover complements any cover design. It also makes the binding even more affordable. Furthermore, our users can choose if they want to print on single or both sides. If there is any other feature you would like to know or add, feel free to write to us.  




At print Britannia, if the document has a minimum of 150 pages to 450 pages, you can go for comb bindings. We don't offer any minimum number of bindings. So, you can place an order even if it's just one copy. Then, for the paper type, you can choose from 80 Gsm to 120 Gsm. The price of the binding mostly varies due to the paper type you choose. You can also decide whether you want to bind the document in landscape or portrait style. We can do both. 


Nevertheless, you don't need to worry about comb bindings costs since it's extremely affordable and useful to bind valuable office documents and booklets. The most fascinating feature of this binding is that it's simple and readily available in various sizes and thicknesses of documents. If needed, users can add or remove a single paper without affecting the entire document. 


At Print Britannia, you can get the cheapest rate for comb bindings in London at the fastest turnaround time. You can get the quotation on our website. So, instead of looking for comb binding services near me, please send us your queries and requirements. Our expert team is always here for your help!