Looking for a reliable printing service for a personalized calendar in London? Here we are! 


Print Britannia is a popular printing service provider in the UK for ensuring outstanding quality and on-time delivery service. 


The calendars are an effective source of brand promotion. Hence, often small to big organizations send out custom wall calendars or desk calendars as gifts on new years eve. The recipients love receiving gifts and the more attractive and useful calendars they prefer to keep on the wall or desk. Hence, it's important to design it in a way that the recipients find it valuable. If they decide to keep your calendar, then know that the brand promotion will organically boost up all year round without much to do. 


Calendar Format 


Here are a few features and formats that can help create an appropriate calendar-


Wall calendars 


Wall calendars are created with spiral binding and staple binding. You can design with 12 pages displaying each month on an individual page. This way, there will be enough space to include an inviting image and users can mark dates or write notes. For wall calendars printing, you can choose A3 or A4 paper. 


Poster Calendar


At present poster, calendars are widely popular. This kind of calendar can be designed with vibrant images that enhance the home or office interior. Some people are fond of keeping this type of calendar as a collection.


Designing a customized calendar 


If you are unsure about what to put in a self-designed calendar, here are a few things to remember. 


  • You must choose the right image to make the calendar stand out in the crowd. Most calendars are designed based on themes which must be related to your business. 

  • If you decide to go for a wall calendar, then for each month, you can choose different images. There are plenty of printable monthly calendar images out there you can use for free. 

  • If you want the user to keep your calendar for 2 years, then you can include a one-page yearly calendar of the next year in the end. You can find such printable yearly calendar files online. 

  • While designing the calendar, don't forget to highlight the holidays and events with iconic shapes and colours that are related to your company. 


Having said that, don't just print google calendar as it's too mainstream. When you can print a calendar with the format or design just as you look, even within budget, there is no need to look elsewhere. If you are unsure about how to design a thematic calendar for your business, our team of experts are right here waiting for you. 


All you need to do is let us know your requirements to print a monthly calendar or print a blank calendar; we will design accordingly. We believe the purpose of getting the calendar personalized is not just about marketing but also letting the users mark important dates, holidays and so on. Moreover, for calendar printing, we use the most quality full silk paper and three types of writing colours that will complement the calendar theme. 


Feel free to check out the order placement form to estimate the quotation. If there is more you want us to know, send us an email. We promise you to provide a satisfactory service at the fastest turnaround time.