Dress up your teammates in warm outfits while keeping a consistent look with branded jackets for everyone on your squad. With a versatile jacket that goes with both formal and casual attire, you can promote your brand on the road.
Our line of Regatta Printable Softshell Jackets is made of a warm woven textile with wind-resistant fabric and water repellent coating. The surface is also ideal for incorporating your company logo or personalized graphics by embroidery or printing.  These jackets are not just visually appealing but practical as they come with an inside zip guard, two pockets, and an adjustable cord hem.
Regatta, the UK's top outdoor gear brand, will let you face the day with confidence. Expect exceptional performance from your Regatta gear. Keep your entire team warm and comfy and your brand visible regardless of the weather. You may finish your design by adding all of the necessary personalized elements, such as your company name, logo, club symbol and slogan. Select where you want your logo printed and your design colours, and we'll work on the rest. You can select from our Regatta Professional Uproar softshell jackets or Regatta Ablaze Printable softshell jackets available in four colours, and we'll print your jackets professionally.  They'll be ready to wear right out of the box.