Make someone a special smile with a Custom Scented Candle gift set with custom printed candle labels from Print Britannia. Personalised with a photo and a special message, these cute tins are perfect for any occasion. 


This delicate rose-scented candle set features two candles moulded in heart-shaped tin canisters that come in a red gift box. The tin canister’s lid can be personalised with a printed image, photo, or text of your choosing. The tin is made of high-quality metal, and the insert panels in the box are made of aluminium. The candles are made with scented wax.


This scented candle set makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and just about any occasion when you want someone to feel special. They’re also perfect as giveaways for weddings, baptisms, and other celebrations. Simply personalise these candles with a photo or text message, and they make a pretty token for special occasions.


Scented pillar candles are popular for their various therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy candles help promote calmness and relaxation, relieve stress, improve focus, and basically lift the mood in any space with their aromatic scents. 


Aside from special occasions, this set also makes a great corporate token idea for special events. The tin cans make a great medium for branding, and having a personalised photo of your guests on the other lid is a great way to make the event memorable for them. Custom printed candle labels on the tin cans are a surefire way to improve brand recall and visibility.


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