Update your signs and display materials quickly and easily by availing our Correx Board Printing Services. Printing on Correx board is excellent for use both inside and outside because it is lightweight and simple to hang.


With the use of Correx printed boards, you can most likely notice an increase in the number of customers who will recognise your business or avail of the products or services you offer. Thus, it is a worthy investment if you want to grow your business.


Print Britannia uses a full-colour, high-definition Correx sign board printing method. Polypropylene fluted board, or Correx, is a kind of corrugated plastic. It is extremely strong, waterproof, and lightweight. It can be used as an excellent material for promotional ads and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


Correx is a suitable option for temporary signage or low-cost signage projects. This material is widely used in cheap outdoor signs. They're also ideal for indoor signs since foam board printing offers a smoother finish. But they can also be used outdoor as we use weatherproof inks to print them.


We use 4mm Correx boards that are available from A4 to A1 and 500x700mm in size. There are no constraints on the size of your design. However, the largest size we have available is A4 (594 x 841mm). We also make A2 Correx board printing sizes.


Board printing orders greater than this will be divided into portions. We also offer Correx board printing next-day delivery services.


With Print Britannia’s Correx sign printing service, you can guarantee high-quality output at an affordable rate. Choose among the options above and enter your order information to receive a quotation of inexpensive prints that deliver excellent quality without the high cost.


Please feel free to contact us for more printing services and inquiries on custom-made or personalised business content collaterals, and we will be glad to assist you with all your printing needs.