Whether it's a thesis paper, research project or journal, it demands an outstanding quality binding that will represent the value of the content. Print Britannia recognizes the hard work of students; hence we are providing journal and thesis binding services at the most competitive rate. 


Dissertation binding 


Any academic work must have a professional-looking cover. Considering this matter, we are offering hardcover binding for dissertations, thesis, books or any research projects that require binding. The hardcover not only makes the booklet sturdy and reader-friendly but also brings an elegant and professional appearance. Below you can learn more about our available binding formats. 


A4 Plain Hard Cover Binding


The most preferred binding style is plain hardcover binding. For plain cover binding, you can choose the paper type from 80gsm and 120 gsm bond paper. Then, you can also print on the spine, which will represent the title when you put it on the bookshelf. The best aspect of plain binding is that it's affordable and complements any thesis work. 


Foil Printed A4 Hard Cover Dissertations Binding Printing


If you want a little more luxurious appearance on the dissertation cover, then you can choose the foil printed option. For this, we will provide the highest quality 170 gsm bond paper. Moreover, the available cover colour for you to choose from is black and blue. However, you cannot print on the spine for foil printed hard cover binding. 


So, if you want to place an order for a bound dissertation right now, then send us the file in A4 portrait format. The file must be in the single-page format as well. And the booklet must contain a minimum of 50 pages and a maximum of 500 pages. If there is any additional specification you want on the cover, send us your requirements via email. We will meet all your expectations.  


As you place an order, you can get the delivery within 2 days in our premium delivery service. Otherwise, you can get your complete bound dissertation within 5 days in our standard service. For any queries or discussions, feel free to write to us!