For establishing or promoting any brand, accessories work as a powerful marketing source. From small to big companies are always upfront to the printing company logo on accessories like card holders, magazine holders, pens, notebooks and so on. 


Not only do these accessories play a massive role in establishing the identity in the market, but they also give motivation to its employees. Realising the growing demand and significance of accessories, Print Britannia offers its valuable clients to print business cards and magazine holders in the design they prefer. 


All of these holders are made of clear acrylic, which easily complements any office interior. Not only that, these products are made of durable material. For more details about our available products, check out here. 


Business Card Holder 


The business card holder comes in a simple design and stylish shape. You can place it on the work desk or reception area. The u-shaped curve in the front part of the holder is designed to pick the cards easily. For more convenience, the cardholder can be mounted with the literature holder, where you can display brochures and business magazines along with the cards. 


Stand Up Sign Holder 


If you have a restaurant, resort or hotel where you want to display a brochure or menu on both sides of the paper, then the stand-up sign holder you would require. Print Britannia has a double-sided holder which can contain A4 size paper. The holder is also made of clear acrylic plastic with a stable base. Moreover, the holder is sealed at the top; thus, you need to insert the paper from the bottom of the holder. Not only does it smoothes out the paper inside the holder, but it also ensures maximum visibility.


Literature Holder


We offer different types of the literature holder. Though all of them are made of the same acrylic plastic material, the main difference is in the size and number of compartments. Let's explore them all!


A4 Literature Holder


If you want to display an A4 size leaflet or brochures at the reception or event, then you can get this A4 literature holder. You can use it for regular leaflets for visitors to pick one as a pass by. The size of it is so convenient that you can place it on the work desk, reception or side table in the waiting room. 


Standard (A5) Literature Holder Rigid Clear


Compared to the A4 literature holder, A5 is a bit wider. Another remarkable feature of this holder is that it can be mounted easily on the wall. Not only that, but you can also attach a business card holder at the front of this literature holder. 


A5 Literature Holder-4 Tier


Most of the literature holders are used in the reception or waiting room. Hence, to entertain your valued clients while they are waiting in the waiting area, you can keep magazines in these four tired holder. Keep different types of magazines, newspapers or brochures in each slot. You can also keep the holder wall mounted or keep it on the desk. The holder is made of transparent plastic, so anyone can easily see the contents. 


DL Literature Holder


The DL holders are specially made to keep on the desk. The size of it is suitable for one-third A4. There are no additional compartments so that you can keep various sizes of items in this holder. You can organise it at the corner of the desk or hang it mounted on the wall. 


DL Literature Stand 4 Tier 


In case the one compartment DL literature holder is not working for you, you can get this four-tire holder instead. Such organisers are most suited for information providing. Hence, you can place it at the front desk or reception of any events. Moreover, you can also keep different types of items in one holder, from leaflets, flyers, brochures, and magazines to promotional offers and magazines. 


All of these organisers are one step away from being yours. All you need to do is place an order offline or online, whichever way seems convenient for you. The available accessories offered at Print Britannia come at a very attractive price as well. 


If you are in London and want to place an order, know that we have the ability to deliver it by today. However, the order amount must be over £60 (Net). Nevertheless, if you want to place an order online, it will take about 2 to 7 days, depending on the delivery option you prefer. If you have any queries regarding the accessories, consult with our team of professionals. Print Britannia will assure high-quality production at the most budget-fit price.