At Print Britannia we promise a bespoke service. Quality is at the heart of our business. Saddle stitching is a great option for magazines, brochures, annual reports, booklets and more. Saddle stitching is the process of binding a document together using two staples along the spine.

Sizes available are as followed:

  1. printed on A3 folded to an A4 document
  2. printed on A4 folded to an A5 document.

Your files needs to be portrait and submitted as a single page document (not spread). The maximum number of pages is 36 depending on the paper choice. Paper available is 80 gsm matt, 100 gsm (various available), 120 gsm matt, 130 gsm silk, 150 gsm cartridge or 170 gsm matt or silk.

We can also customise your document to your specification if you cannot find the option online. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email with your requirements.We promise a fast turnaround at great quality.