At Print Britannia, you can design a folded invitation card for any event at the best price. The paper quality and resourceful designers we have are all here to ensure you get a great design with an outstanding finish. Whether it's a folded wedding invitation or an annual corporate party, we will design the card representing the event perfectly. 


We believe an invitation card's great design influences the recipients to join the event. If you want folding wedding cards, you don't need to rely on the so-called templates out there. Rather, trust our designers to create unique and innovative theme-based wedding cards. Along with the design, the quality of the paper is very crucial. 


At Print Britannia, you can choose from 250gsm gloss, 350gsm gloss and 300gsm Conqueror paper and get the desired finish. The folding cards are available in A4 and A5 size paper. Nevertheless, for birthdays or weddings, colourful cards are joyous to look at. So, you can print a colourful card on both sides. However, to carry the professionalism of a corporate event, it's always best to colour one side. 


The envelopes are as important as the invitation card. It's a packet of surprises the recipient will unveil, bringing out the card from the envelope. Therefore, we also have colour options for you to choose from for the envelope. It's your discretion to send out an invitation card with or without an envelope. However, you can always get a matching one that complements the card you have designed. 




Paper type: 250 gloss, 250 silk, 350 gsm silk, 350 gsm conqueror

Minimum order quality: 1

Pages: 4

Paper size: A4 and A5

Colour: single or both sides

Print: single or double


Envelop colour: white, cream, red, green, metallic silver, metallic gold

Delivery: 1 to 5 working days (premium and standard delivery)

Print Britannia is all set to help you create fully customized invitation cards. Thematic design with outstanding paper quality is our forte. We have versatile paper quality where you can design your desired invitation card in different sizes. The process is super simple and easy to place an order with us. Now, go ahead and get the free quotation. 


If you have any additional requirements outside the information provided on the order form, feel free to let us know. We will get you an innovative invitation card just on time that will surely satisfy your mind.