If you want to get the best quality signage printing for COVID PVC banner barriers at a worthy price, Print Britannia is here to ensure everything you need. PVC and floor banners are widely used not only for covid awareness but also for sports and public events. Only if the banners are made with vibrant colours and easily visible from a distance work effectively to raise awareness and maintain health protocols, especially during the time of covid. 


Covid PVC banner features 


The PVC banners provided by Print Britannia use a material like PVC, PVC mesh and Aeromesh. All these materials are durable and accentuate the design. Moreover, these banners come in classic full kits, and our clients can choose to print on single or double sides. One of the best aspects of our banners is that you can easily set them up hassle-free. 




Furthermore, there are three different sizes of banners for you to choose from. Depending on the event and its importance, you can select the size from 1000mm to 2000mm. The 1000mm barrier would be suitable for small areas such as clinics, hospitals or indoor events. For an average-size event, you can go for 1500mm banners. If there is a huge crowd, then a 2000mm barrier would be the perfect option. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we can design and print on both sides of the banners. 


Where to set up the banners

Our PVC banners are lightweight and easy to set up that you can hang on railways, walls, and other surfaces. For maintaining social distancing and raising awareness about Covid, different sizes of banners can be used depending on the circumstances. These banners are resistant to water, so you can comfortably use them indoors or outdoors.


To place an order for PVC banners ensuring social distancing due to Covid, check out the order form on our website. Select the options for the type, colour and size of the banner according to your requirements, and you can get an estimated quotation. If there are any other specifications that are not available on the form, feel free to contact us. One of our team members will revert you as early as possible. 


The aim of our business is to ensure quality and achieve consumer needs. We understand how desperate the Covid emergency is. Hence, you can get your customized Covid PVC banners at the fastest turnaround time.