Do you want to get a perfect binding book printing service at the best price? Print Britannia offers the most versatile style for bound booklets that you can choose for magazines, portfolios, company reports and more. We have an expert team who are proficient in designing a custom cover and ensuring the binding of the booklets is cut to line up with precision. 


What is the perfect binding book? 


Some documents contain a high volume of pages that are too thick for saddle stitching or stapling. Hence, the perfect bound is the ideal option to go for as it ensures the pages are properly aligned and bound with strong PUR adhesive. This kind of binding is often used for magazines, catalogues, manuals, story books, history books, children's books etc. 


In this binding method, the entire book and the cover use a digital press for printing. Then, to bind the pages, the PUR adhesive is applied along the spine. Additionally, cardstock cover sheets are used to create a hinge so that it holds and protects the papers strongly while inserted into the binding machine. For the final finish, the books are trimmed to give them a square look and remove the glue residue. 


In this method, printing on the spine is possible. Hence, the books get a professional appearance. So, the books can be displayed on the bookshelves or racks. It also motivates the readers to pick up the book. For this reason, an outrageous and engaging book cover is essential for perfect book binding. 


Below you will get to know more about the service we are providing for the perfect bound booklet. 


A4, A5 and A6 Perfect Bound Booklets 


For A4, A5 and A6 size booklets, the document can contain a minimum of 40 pages to 300 pages. Our client can choose between 120gsm bond and 130gsm silk paper for printing the document. Then, for cover, the available papers we have are 170gsm bond and 250gsm silk. Nevertheless, the minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. The price of the binding will vary depending on the paper type you choose. 


A6 Perfect Bound Brochures


Similar to A4 and A5 perfect bound booklets, A6 binding offers the same order quantity, paper type and finish. However, the only variation for A6 bound booklets is that there is no colour lamination available for A6 perfect bound brochures. 


For any kind of booklet binding you choose from our available services, the document must be submitted in portrait format, A4 size and as a single page. You can get the estimated quotation from the order placement form on our website. If there is any other detail that is not mentioned in the form, you can always contact us via email. 


Perfect bound booklets are the most effective way to invite and communicate with the audience. Not only does it elevate the appearance of a simple book, but it also makes it sturdy so that the reader can comfortably read and store the book. So, if you happily want to place an order for perfect binding booklets, send us your requirements. We promise a fast turnaround at the utmost quality.