Life is impossible without a phone these days! Isn't it? One can go hands-free but won't the phone no matter what! Let's accept the fact that It has become an inseparable part of life. So, why not design it your own way? 


A phone is always in hand, whether for transactions, photos, browsing or interaction. When our phone gets all the attention, it deserves some decoration too. Not only does the phone cover protect the phone, but it also allows you to reflect your style with a personalised case. Besides, creating personalised phone covers is a fashion trend. It's high time you get personalised phone cases for you too! 


There are many ways you can actually design the case. Some prefer personalised phone case initials, whereas some create photo collages to get personalised photo phone cases. No matter how you design the custom photo case, it will always look cool when you order it at Print Britannia. 


Our phone cases are made of premium quality material. Printing any design will look great due to our high-end printers. Do you need custom iPhone cases? If so, you can get two types of personalised iPhone cases from Print Britannia. We also have personalised flip phone cases for iPhones as well. Here are the details given below! 


Black Rubber case


The black-coloured premium quality soft rubber edge sublimation case is suitable for the iPhone 6s. Its material is the ideal choice for business use. You can comfortably design the cover with images or business logos. The material is durable and able to withstand heat. It's lightweight, soft and smooth that you can use comfortably all day long. 


Material : Silicone / Plastic

Min order quantity: 1 PC 

Phone Case colour: Black


PU Leather flip case


The PU leather flip case is perfectly suitable for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The cover is made of premium quality faux leather sublimation. Moreover, the internal plastic is oil coated to create a smooth surface for the phone to be free from scratches. Unlike most phone covers, we ensure there is a soft-touch lining material with card slots where you can keep valuable cards protected and close to yourself. 


Material: Faux PU leather

Min order quantity: 1 PC 

Phone Case colour: Black


So, are you ready to get a personalised iPhone case? Print Britannia has made it easy for you. You can design custom photo phone cases for iPhone 6s or get a custom iPhone 8 case with an initial, photo, message or whatever you want the design to be. 


All you need to do is fill in the requirements and place an order, and our team of experts will get back to you. If you have any additional requirements, you can also let us know. Our resources are here to meet your expectations. We ensure quality phone cases, outstanding design and the fastest delivery all over the UK.