Car lovers are always fascinated by the automotive look. Any fashionable and trendy automotive item is launched in the market, and every car owner wishes to own it either for transformation or car protection. After all, a car is their favourite thing to be with. 


We value what our clients wish for. Hence, Print Britannia offers the most amazing quality vehicle wraps in town at an attractive price range. Ensuring quality and consistency is our business motto; hence we bring only top-quality materials made in the EU. 


For bring a change in the automotive look, we provide Gloss Vinyl White Permanent Adhesive 100mic. This car vinyl wrap is the ideal choice for indoor use. The colours are glossy, and you can comfortably use inks with a thick consistency. If you want to use it for the outer appearance, it will last for 2 years. This outer layer incorporates lamination, which will ensure your car is protected from sunlight and abrasion. Our car wrap is widely used for labelling. 


Here is the full specification of our vinyl wrap. 


Type of product: High-Performance PVC

Durability: Indoor Long term, Outdoor: 2 years

Adhesive: Self Adhesive monomeric vinyl

Type of adhesive: Permanent

Material: Sticker

Finish: Gloss

Size: 500 mm x 1000 mm


Our car wrapping service not only brings a glossy finish with our vinyl wrap service. You can also get a custom print and contour cuts as you need. Our wraps are highly used for printing labels which companies use for brand promotion or caution. 


The wrap is also resistant to weather, so you can ride in style while protecting the car from sun rays. Though we provide the best service for changing the vehicle's appearance, it will fit within your budget. And the final look will bring a high glossy finish. 


Nevertheless, the vinyl wrap is very easy to install and clean, and you won't require much procedure to maintain its quality. You can also custom cut the wrap as you require for your car. So, do you want to bring an entire transformation to your car with a budget-friendly car wrapping price? Place an order online and go get it at the fastest turnaround time.