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Are you looking for a trusted printing partner for correx printing in the UK? Print Britannia is right at your fingertip. Just let us know what you need, and we will deliver them to you. 


Our custom correx signs service has resourced multiple sizes of correx boards. So, if you need various sizes for one event, you can get them all in one place. Starting from the smallest to the largest, we have them all in stock for you. 


Our available sizes are 


A1 (594mm by 841mm)

A2 (420mm by 594 mm)

A3 (297mm by 420 mm)

A4 (210mm by 297 mm)

Custom size 500mm by 700 mm


All these boards are popularly used for branding, short-term advertisement, promotional campaign and mostly navigational purposes at events. Clothing shops, grocery, restaurants, saloons and almost every sector are fond of correx boards for marketing. It's budget-friendly and easy to set up. 


Most importantly, the correx boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor events and any weather conditions. Whether it's a sunny day or rainy season, you can use the board to boost up your promotional campaign without any worries. 


Not only that, these boards work perfectly for interior decor as well. There is no certain regulation on how to design a correx board. You have all the discretion on how you feel it will best serve your purpose. If you are providing a year and sale, simply mention it on the board in bold letters and vibrant colours, and the consumer will run to your store. 


If you are using a health sector like vaccination, use it as directional signage. Moreover, you can also use it for shop interior decor. Design it with the theme you prefer, or matching with your logo and place it at the reception; it will add a new look that consumers will pay attention to. It's another way to introduce a new offer or product to your consumers. 


Since the correx boards are used for multiple purposes, we are providing a strong and durable 4mm board. You can comfortably use it for indoor and outdoor campaigns. Now, to place an order at Print Britannia, mention the details on the form and submit. The final product will arrive at your doorstep within 3 to working days with our standard delivery service. 


If you need additional service or have any queries, feel free to write to us.

Product size chart

UK Delivery


It’s free for all UK mainland deliveries order over £30 (Net).


You can also order selected products before 2 pm and they will be with you very next day (only on selected London post code)


Once you have selected your products and before proceeded to checkout you will now have the choice of our week days Premium (1-2 working days), Standard (3-5 working days) and saver (5-7 working days) delivery options.


With Click & Collect at Print Britannia, you can now place your order online or offline and then pick up your products at your own time.




Claims in respect of damages in delivery, delay, shortage of quantity or impaired quality must be made in writing to us within 3 days of delivery.

We reserve the right to reprint defective work and shall not be liable to refund.

Our refund process can take upto 3 working days to complete once we have agreed to refund.


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