Why would you design a business card- that should be the first question. As a printing and design hub, if you ask this to us, we cannot but mention the crazy demand for designing and printing business cards. And the second question should be like- why wouldn’t create a damn good business card as a fantastic marketing tool! Read this business card design guide to know the art and insight to design your business card.


For a business, the importance of having business cards is huge. Don't you want to display the overall image of your business in a small yet powerful means? Don't you want your brand to set in the prospects' minds and fuel the profit margin? And that’s the reason we prepared this guide on business cards design - all you need to know we have arranged here carefully.  


A business card not only talks about a brand but also includes a strong call-to-action. It acts as the extension of a brand. Your prospect is going to see you in your business. So it must be as artistic as informative. 


All You Need to Know About Business Cards Design


A business card is also familiar as a visiting card, call card, or calling card. Its design process is indeed a big deal. And there are other essential things as well. Let's see what they are in detail. 


Compare for the Sake of Uniqueness


It would help best if you went through a wide variety of unique business cards. It will help you come up with a unique one of your own. Don’t confine yourself merely to one industry. The more creative designs you see, the more innovative design you can develop. Enlist all your likings and dislikings from those variations. 


Then particularly go to your competitors’ ones. See why some stand out and why some don’t. Then it is time to create your card. To be more exact, design it as your brand ambassador. 


Make It Compatible with Brand Materials  


No matter whether you make business cards online or offline, business cards design requires compatibility. Allows us to share the basis of a brand identity. And these are -


  • brand logo

  • typography and 

  • colour scheme


Now you have to make your business card in accordance with this. Let them impact your card’s layout and style. At the same time, make it compatible with your website and with other promotional materials. 


Employ the Basic Design Principles


A paper-based design will typically follow some guidelines. If you want to have the right hierarchy of information and proper arrangement of design elements in business card design, you should abide by them. There are many types of business cards available and you should about them.  For the same reason, you will see all the standard business cards maintain the basic design principles. So better grasp them to implement in your one too. For this, it would help if you -


  • Designed in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black) provided that you’re working mainly with spot colours

  • Worked at 300dpi to come up with first-class image reproduction

  • Set all the key copies at least 5 mm from the trim edge of your card 

  • Ensured a minimum size for your typography to maintain legibility


Select Your Shape 


A business card design aims to impress potential customers. So you may either go for a traditional rectangular business card or something exceptionally non-traditional. The choice is yours. Especially with the help of progressive printing techniques like die-cutting, you can develop any extraordinary shape you want! Also, it permits you to print a large number of business cards comfortably. 


Rounding the corners for a friendlier business card is better. Being a design expert, we also recommend making the whole business card theme around clever cutting. But remember, a traditional business card goes well in the formal environment, and a non-traditional one suits the opposite.  


Fix the Size 


Depending on your location, the standard size of a business card may vary. If you are in the United Kingdom, then you should know the European standard. And it is 3.346 × 2.165 inches or (85 × 55 mm). 


However, there is no fixed rule for fixing the business card size. There is no grammar! Let us share other standards as well. The North American standard is 3.5 × 2 inches or (88.9 × 50.8 mm) and the Oceania standard is  3.54 × 2.165 inches or (90 × 55 mm). Now it's up to you to decide. 


Crucial Things to Consider 


Irrespective of size and shape, prioritise three crucial factors while designing your business card. These are as follows: 


Safety Line


These are the borders within the area. Let them not overflow, okay! You need to cut across the borders and keep all necessary information inside the safety line. 


Bleed Line


The bleed lines are the very edges of a business card’s document. A professional business card design expands its background colours or design elements. This way, it can resist the white border at that edge.


Trim Line


Trim lines are the target line to cut your business card. The actual cut may occur in any part between the bleed line and the safety line while printing. So it would be wise to keep the necessary text and images within the safety line, out of the trim arena.


Insert the Key Contact Details 


What is the core purpose of designing a business card? Aren't you there to bridge the gap between you and your potential clientele? Hope you won't mind going through the necessary details concerning these below.


Name: No matter whether you are an individual or a group, brand name matters the most. 


Job Title: A business card is not a visiting card that only contains a name and logo. Including job title is necessary for traditional business cards. It helps you showcase who you actually are and what you specifically do. Let people know about skills and excellence here. Better tell them definitely whether you are a professional lead guitarist, travel guide, creative content writer, or something else.  


Phone Number: Adding a phone number shows another way to contact. It enhances trust in your prospects. 


Email: This is an excellent way of communication. People feel important when you reach out to them through emails.  


Website URL: Create an easy-going URL. Be aware of giving homepage links! You had better create something that is easy to type.  


Social Media Link: If social media fits your business arena as part of marketing, or you just want to show more of your business image, include a social media link. This is trendy. Who doesn’t have a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook page nowadays?! Don’t forget to input them all. 


Address: Address insertion is helpful to convince customers. It drives them toward your physical establishment.


QR Code: There are some merits of using a QR code in business cards design. It’s a good option for you to transfer any data you want. A number of websites will let your business cards design online with QR codes. 


Positioning Statement: It helps you stand out from your competitors. It not only defines your brand but also upholds its values. 


Social Media Links: Who doesn’t have a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook page nowadays?! Don’t forget to input them all. 


Go for Modern Font along with White Space 


Design business cards with stylish fonts like sans-serif, Georgia, Bodoni are recommendable. You will see the modern business card templates featuring this sort of font. It would help to choose a font that is simple and minimalist. And keeping white space is also essential. Don’t let the info grab your entire business card. Better try to replace text with icons and delete additional titles and slogans. 


Design Your Own Business Cards


Are you yet to generate some business card design ideas? Well, you will also have many classic business cards templates online. Then why don’t you hone your own skills instead of hiring a designer? A business card template will ease the process. But when you are designing business cards, you should avoid business card design mistakes. Else, you can buy letterpress kits on eBay. This is indeed a reliable platform.  


Consider Special Finish 


A special finish makes your business card more impressive, tangible and knocking. A robust business cards print london depends much on this. Special finish means the use of spot-UV, foil blocking, and metallic inks. However, this is costly. 


Business Cards Design and Print


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Final Thoughts 


We were self-committed to show you the right way of business cards design - all you need to know regarding text, typography, size, shape, basic principles, and so on. And it's been a pleasure for us. Now you know what to do to make a standard business card. We expect you to utilise this vital marketing weapon to shine in business or your respective profession. Have a nice day!