Yes, you will love it! This post comprises the best pull up banner design inspiration. Based on the deep market research, we have made this guide on pull up banner design. Let us begin with clearing the notion.


The pull-up banner is also familiar as roll up banner stand, or roller banner stand. These are popular marketing for tool trade shows or exhibitions, business events, conferences, showrooms, and point of sale displays. Generally, they are 2 metres high with different widths. 


Banners help grab people's attention. A number of businesses and organisations seek banner printing. Printing such a marketing tool can meet their instant or urgent demands. Likewise, they can benefit from it in the long run. Usually, a pull-up banner comes in such a colourful, eye-catching design that people can't ignore. The pull up banner printing is one of the most ordered of all. You can print its one or both sides. And you might feel more interested to know that this is much cheaper than other alternatives! 


Pull up Banner Design - Tips You Will Love


A creative task should be self-reliant. However, it requires basic knowledge as a floor to stand up and move on! That's why we have designed this article to help you develop top-notch pull up banner design ideas. Now it's time to get into the core story. 


Set the Purpose 


Do you want to display your products at an exhibition? Are you welcoming your guests to a conference? Or it’s just about offering an exclusive deal through a PowerPoint presentation? Before you get into the design chapter, be clear about what you are going to do with this. This will ease the process of your pull up banner design. 


Put the Most Vital Thing at the Top 


Put your brand logo at the top of your pull up banner. This is the most attention-grabbing position. Besides, let the core message lie beside. The core message can be a title along with a title tag, image, or slogan.


Make It Compatible with the Common Psyche 


It would help best to be harmonious with the common psyche. People generally start reading from top to bottom and left to right. Now your job is to put the necessary information according to that. Make it as brief as possible.


Use High-quality Image 


Banners are image-centric. It MUST be printer-friendly. As an experienced printing and design company, we know how a poor quality image destroys the purpose. So following the standard, save the image as CMYK. The CMYK stands for the order Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. 


Additionally, make sure that the resolution is set to 300 dots per inch. An excellent combination of photography and graphics can produce more impressions. And try your best to create the image so stunning that it tells your story. Why won’t you make the vertical format image professional enough that raises brand awareness and profit margin! 


Make Use of Text and Spacing


You had better select typography that is simultaneously easy-going and attractive. It would be great if the viewers find it consistent with your brand logo. Please don’t forget to maintain the necessary spaces. The right choice of typography will take the pull up banner design to the next level. Instead, you will have to repent. Treat this as an inevitable banner design element. And, of course, delivering a single key message instead of a long sentence is a must! 


Zero Compromises to Aesthetics 


The customised pull up banner signs should have an aesthetic value. Especially if you want to reign in your prospects’ minds, you must not compromise on aesthetics. So better assign a printing shop that will assure you of an expert designer and copywriter. Plus, make your brand logo so appealing that it secures a place in people’s memory. 


Pull up Banner Hardware


You will see the use of a wide strip of fabric in the banner material. Usually, the stands are made of aluminium for increased durability. The usage of wood,  iron frame, and sunboard are also there. The internal hardware is generally steel having some plastic organs. 


Different Pull up Banner Designs Ideas 


Now let's go through some trendy pull up or roller banner design ideas one by one. Here they are! It will undoubtedly enable you to develop a choice of a good pull up or roller banner design. We have also a dedicated guide to roller banner printing for your convenience.


Pull up Standard Design 


These are the most common pull up banners. It gets only one side printed. Usually, it is 800mm wide by 2000mm high. This is popular for its portability. You can quickly move it from one event to another. A number of companies prioritise these for their promotional events. 


Pull up Retractable Design 


This single-sided banner is also expected and popular. Did you know it includes a retracting mechanism in its banner stand? Yes, it retracts the banner graphic into a base. Whereas a premium roll up banner costs a bit high, you will have the retractable banners cheap. The retractable pop up banner is also a cost-effective solution. A standard retractable pull up or roll up banner size is 24”x81” and another standard retractable banner size is 33”x81”. 33”x81”. And one of the most popular industrial standard retractable banner stands is W33xH80 inches.


Pull up Standee Design 


The standee design is ideal for providing crucial information in different ways. Its globally standard sizes are 2x5 ft, 2.5x6 ft, and 3x6 ft. However, in the United Kingdom, the widely accepted standee size is 900x2000 mm. You will find the best standee designs online to build up your own banner. A standee design always works! The Standee design is favourable for -


  • trade shows

  • reception area signage 

  • product launches

  • exhibitions

  • hotel foyer welcome signs 


Learn about the Cost of Pull up Banners


Pull up banners prices vary. However, there is an average pull up banner design price. On average, in the United Kingdom, you can expect an economic pull up banner at £30, a general wide roller banner at £40, a comprehensive budget or premium pull up banner at £55, and a superbly stylish roller banner at £90-£100. And things become easier when you reach out to us for your pull up roll up printing or or stand up banner printing!


Special Tips


We have been in the designing job for around 15 years. Please get them all one by one! Indeed, these tips will make faster headways for your business. 


  • Consider using more than one banner and put your project message across them all. 


  • It would help best to go for a double-sided pull-up rolling banner when you need to put that in the middle of a room. You can apply the same design on both sides and make the best use of your pound! 


  • You may have been familiar with pop up banner design ideas. A pop up design can promptly snatch a user’s attention, but even a pop up banner stand can be more costly than a typical roller one. Interestingly, a roll up or pull up banner design can be a cheap solution having the same impact. 


  • The pull up banner design online is also recommendable. Better hone your skill. You will indeed have a suitable pull up banner template from among dozens of pull up banner design examples to create a customised banner.


  • It will be wise to minimise the number of colours in your roll up banner design, not more than three. 


  • You may also want to know how to make a pop up banner. But please don't mess up a pull up banner example with pop up banner examples. Treat this as one of the best pull up banner design tips!


  • Choose a pull up banner stand that you can use repeatedly. 


  • The floor-standing banners can simply be the best pull up banners for trade shows.


To Wrap Up 

We promised a guide on pull up banner design. These pull up banner ideas are a token of love from an age-old printing and design company as part of self-commitment, okay! And no worries, the roll up banner printing cost is quite affordable when you opt for a shop like Print Britannia! Hopefully, you have got a robust concept by now. Have a nice day!