Whether it's home decor or office interior, foam boards are used everywhere for versatile purposes. You may recognize a foam board immediately as soon as you see it. However, do you know what it actually is and the different ways it can be used for? 


Well, commonly, custom-printed foam boards are widely used for promotional purposes such as signage, framing photos, and architectural miniatures. You will be amazed to know the various ways it's used in the advertising sector. So, if you are eager to know more about foam boards and are willing to use them for decoration or brand promotion, then this article is for you.

Here I will introduce you to the crucial facts about foam boards and their top uses of it in the present day. 


What Is a Foam Board, and Why Do You Need It?


When you think of budget-friendly advertising on an “easy to handle” material, foam board is the best choice. It has been a popular method in the advertising sector not only for minimal cost but also for lightweights and extensive quality solutions. Hence, people use it for home decor to business events every now and then. 


Generally, foam boards are created with three layers of polyurethane, clay-coated paper and brown kraft paper. Though the foam boards are available in various sizes, grades and colours, the most common sizes are 3mm to 10mm. When there is any need for large-size displays like art or architectural building constructions, 20mm boards are also used. 


Since there is versatile size and thickness of boards available, you can choose them for temporary to prolonged use that best fits your project. The most significant aspect of this board is you can print or paint on it. Some are used to create three-dimensional signage and displays, which make the item very attractive. You can also create embossed and debossed designs to bring that 3D effect without requiring any heat. 


Not only that, if you want, you can cut it with a knife and give it different shapes. These boards can be laminated, and wall mounted. Hence, it's used in various events, home decorations and office premises. Wondering why? 


Because foam boards are very lightweight and easy to deal with, however, they are thicker than general posters, which ensures durability. Moreover, they are easy to imprint any design or die cut to any form. Most importantly, the foam boards are resistant to any weather condition; hence you can use them in an indoor and outdoor environment throughout the year with a weatherproof finish or lamination.


Considering all of these benefits, foam boards are regarded as some of the best poster types in London. Nevertheless, to make it more attractive, you can also choose from a glossy, textured or matte finish. 


Uses of Foam Board in London


You already have got an idea of why foam boards are needed. Here, I will share some of the popular uses of foam boards in London that are strongly attached to business advertising. 


Creating Scale Model with Foam Board 


Foam boards can be cut and shaped into any size. This makes it an ideal choice for scale model fabrication. It takes less time to prepare and process. Hence, foam boards are commonly used in seminars, exhibitions, conferences and so on. 


Business Window  


If you have a store, salon or restaurant, you must let the consumer know the attractive offers. You can decorate the area with foam board at a minimal cost. Create attractive features on a foam board that will motivate the consumers to purchase your service. That's how you can look for more opportunities to grow a business window. 


Lively Presentations


Giving presentations using PowerPoint is too mainstream. Instead, you can now use foam boards to reach out the key message to your audience that will establish the thought in their mind. It's easy to create, and you will get a huge space to attach images and text. If you want to be unique and stand out among others, foam board can be the biggest method for presentation. 


Photo Exhibition 


To present art or photography exhibitions, foam boards are commonly used. If any photographer or artist has more than one photo, then they can attach it to a foam board and mount it on the wall.  


Home Decor 


Often foam boards are used for decoration purposes. Not only that, these days, people are using it to provide thermal protection on the floor, wall and ceilings. 


The Protective Layer on Parcel Packaging


Foam boards are commonly used to create a protective layer on product packaging. If you have a business and you need to send products to your consumers on a regular basis, then foam boards are one of the most important items you will need. Use them while packing the product, and it will keep it safe under stress, pressure and transport. 


Encourage Sharing an Opinion on the Mood Board 


Whether it's an office or an educational institution, there are a lot of issues that employees and students want to raise by being anonymous. For them, you can create a mood board and place them in an open space. It will encourage everyone to share their opinion or simply express feelings. It will create a breathable atmosphere and create a strong bond with authority for better development. 


Promotional Material at Trade Shows 


Trade shows are short-term events where the organizers think of a cost-effective method for advertising and stall construction. For them, foam boards are a flexible material to create and transport easily at a low cost. Since the foam boards are used to create a stall or display for a certain amount of time, they invest in designing it in a lucrative way. Sometimes the displays are wall mounted or framed, considering the trade show premise. 


Final Thought 


Wrapping-up foam boards are only for temporary use. It's lightweight, cost-effective and suitable for high-quality print. Not only that, foam boards are easy to set up and move. Hence, there are many uses for foam boards in London, not only for advertising but also for interior decor, business set-up, or presentation. Though this article shares the top uses of foam boards, you can always be creative when you use them. Check out our guide on foam board printing in London for more essential tips and considerations.