For assignments, business profiles, or annual reports, you need the appropriate kind and strong bookbinding to secure the booklet. Only the perfect type of booklet binding can elevate the appearance of your booklet. Not only that, but a strong binding also protects the entire document and presents it for academic or corporate purposes professionally. 


It's also another way to stay unique since there are versatile types of booklet binding available. Considering the booklet thickness, binding preference, and compatibility, you need to decide on the right kind of booklet you want. 


If you are eager to know what's popular out there, then stay tuned to learn about the best booklets types in London. 


Best Booklets Types in London


Best Booklets Types in London

Spiral binding, saddle stitching, staple bound, there are so many options available for booklet binding. All of these kinds are extremely popular in the printing business. Depending on the document type, purpose, and user readability, there are various kinds of binding available. However, among them, comb bound, perfect bound, staple bound, wire bound, and a booklet with a hard cover are the best booklets types in London. Let's discuss them. 


Booklets - Comb Bound


Comb Bound

Comb binding is also known as cerlox or surelox binding. If you have a pile of documents and you need to bind them together, comb binding would be the ideal choice. Not only does this binding come in an affordable price range, but the material and binding quality also ensure a good level of protection. Moreover, your client or reader can read the document comfortably. The comb portion allows the users to read the book laid flat or fold it and read in their palms. Hence, the entire binding quality must be top-notch and speak for your brand. 


The comb binding booklet is popular for its simplicity and reasonable price range. You can design the cover with vibrant colors, and the transparent cover will portray the cover from afar. Nevertheless, the binding is reusable and best suited for cookbooks, instruction manuals, company profiles, annual reports, etc. Hence, you can print in landscape or portrait style considering the design, number of pages, and requirements of the project. 


Used for

  • Assignments
  • School Documents
  • Class notes
  • Manuals



  • Easy to use
  • Can be held open hands free
  • Can add or remove page
  • Inexpensive



  • Can be damaged easily
  • Made out of plastic not professional


Standard comb binding dimensions: 


Booklet size: A4

Orientation: Landscape or portrait 

Spine color: Black and white 

Cover: Transparent acetate  

Booklet page capacity: 150 to 450 pages 

Paper quality: 80gsm, 120 gsm 



Booklets - Perfect Bound


Perfect Bound

Magazine, portfolio, report, etc., requires perfect binding. Because only this kind of binding ensures a precise cut and professional quality binding. When the booklet contains a high volume of pages, simple comb binding or saddle stitching becomes challenging to bind the entire booklet. 


In that case, perfect booklet binding is the best option to choose. Here, you will get the papers perfectly cut and secured in a properly aligned manner with strong adhesive. Such kind of binding will often be seen in story books, catalogs, magazines, etc.  


If you want to print and perfectly bind any research report, you have the option to print the title on the spine as well. It allows the book to be easily found on the shelf and elevates the value in appearance. 


Used for

  • Magazines
  • Company Profile
  • Catalogues
  • Directories 
  • Prospectuses
  • Restaurant Menu


  • Economical solution for hardcover
  • High Quality
  • Looks good
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be sold at a good price



  • Sometimes costs more
  • Less durable
  • Won't perfectly lay flat on the table


Standard perfect bound dimension: 


Paper size: A4, A5 and A6 

Number of pages: 40 to 300

Paper quality: Cover 170gsm, content 120gsm bond, 130gsm silk


Staple Bound Booklets 


Staple Bound

Staple binding is another name for a saddle stitching booklet. Firstly, the documents are stapled together in proper alignment and later bound with a cover. Generally, A4 size documents are staple bound if the booklet is of small to medium volume. 


For printing the content, you can choose smooth and silk-type paper. It will give the reader a soothing experience that will motivate them to hold on to the book. However, to attract them towards the booklet, you can choose a heavier paper. 


Used for



  • Economical
  • This can be done in no time
  • Lay out on the table



  • Can damage pages and cover
  • Not durable
  • Not applicable everywhere
  • Can't be used for many pages


Standard staple bound dimension: 


Paper size: A4, A5  

Number of pages: 8 to 56

Paper quality: Content 170gsm bond silk, 120gsm bond, 130gsm silk

Cover paper: 170gsm silk, 250gsm silk 


Wire Bound Booklets 


Wire Bound

Are you planning to print a presentation or recipe book?  Then, wire-bound booklets are what you are looking for. It's the best option for those kinds of booklets that readers read and follow at the same time. For instance,


Booklets with minimal pages, like 10 to 120 pages often prefer wire binding. The benefit of this kind of binding is readers can lie the book flat on the table and read. If you are binding any corporate document for promotional purposes, you can customize the cover and choose the wire color complementing your logo color. Depending on the type of booklet, you can print and bind it in landscape or portrait style. 


Used for

  • Professional Manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Notebook/Diary


  • Cheaper option
  • Effective binding technique
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for short books



  • Not acceptable standard distribution
  • Can be damaged easily


Standard wire bound dimension:


Paper size: A4, A5  

Orientation: Landscape and portrait

Number of pages: 10 to 120

Paper quality: Content 170gsm bond silk, 120gsm bond, 130gsm silk

Cover paper: 170gsm silk, 250gsm silk 

Cover: Acetate 


Dissertation Binding 


Dissertation Binding 

Master's thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, or research paper, these kinds of valuable academic books require a special kind of booklet binding. The binding must be professional and represent the value of the inner content. 


Hence, it needs a hardcover entitled with the research name and author details. The purpose of the hardcover is to protect the entire booklet and make it readable. Since such research contents are made for academic purposes mostly, the book must be easy to read and used as a reference for further research. 


Hence, the binding brings an elegant appearance. Most academic papers are printed on A4 papers. The hard cover makes it lucrative and feels smooth to the touch. Now, with the dissertation binding, you can print the title in foil or keep it simple and plain. You can also print the title on the spine. Nevertheless, this kind of binding is best suited for a high volume of documents like 500 pages. Check out our comprehensive guide to dissertation printing and binding for expert tips to elevate the visual appeal of your academic work.


Used for

  • Research paper
  • Books



  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Different color options are available
  • Professional



  • Expensive
  • Heavy


Standard dissertation binding dimension: 


Paper size: A4 

Orientation: Landscape 

Number of pages: 60 to 400

Paper quality: 170gsm bond 

Cover: Foil printed  


Choose the Right Type of Booklet for Your Need 


To determine the best booklets types in London for your needs, follow these steps:  

1. First determine the purpose of usage and purpose.

2. Count the number of pages in your booklet. Depending pages it has to be determined.

3. Consider your budget for printing and binding.

4. Select the durability level according to your need.


Final Thought 


To end the discussion on the best booklets types in London, we have discussed the above five popular kinds that are available at an affordable price. Varying the document type and purpose of the binding, choose the one that seems best suited for the cause. 


No matter which booklet binding you choose, always pay attention to the volume of the booklet and the durability of the binding. Then, you can express your creativity in cover design and maximize the readability as much as possible.