Hoodies are the ultimate timeless fashion statement for everyone. No matter what part of the world we live in, girls, boys, men, women, everyone is fond of a hoodie. Now, people are so conscious about fashion and style that hoodies have also established their place in the fashion industry. 


There are numerous ways one can create a stylish, creative and personalised hoodie. Considering the popularity of this garment item, initiating a hoodie business won't be surprising at all. If you are on the same page, then this article is rightly written for you. Here, I will be talking about how to design and sell your own hoodies and establish a long-term business. 


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Why choose hoodies for business?


Creative minds give life to their thoughts through art. There are numerous platforms where you can express the artwork. Painting on canvas is not my own way. If you have the potential to participate in the fashion industry and thousands of ideas are bursting out in your brain, then you must choose sustainable apparel to express it. 


You will be surprised to know that these days, stylish hoodies are created every season with unique and versatile designs. Besides, people don't wear hoodies for warmth only. It's the most preferred wearable for casual outings, travelling, morning exercises, grocery shopping and many more. Hence, there is a high demand for this clothing item. 


If you can attract the target consumers with unique designs that they can relate to, earning revenue is just a matter of time in this business. Moreover, printing or embroidery on hoodies is widely available and super fast due to the availability of high-tech printers. Having said that, you will find many competitors in this niche, too. 


So, if you can meet quality with a creative, unique and versatile design, then your business will definitely flourish. People don't buy hoodies only in winter. It's a popular item to sell all year long. Custom hoodies will allow you to create trendy designs to get the attention of the target consumers. Further in the article, I will tell you how you can get more reach and earn good revenue with the hoodie business. 


How to design your own hoodies?


Most companies tend to collect hoodies from branded and non-branded sources. To be distinct from others and highlight your company's uniqueness is a sustainable strategy. This way, you can create designer hoodies that are compatible with the tastes of the target consumers. Though the design is important, the placement of the design is equally crucial. In this section, I will give you some ideas on how you can design hoodies of varying styles in a versatile way.


Hoodie styles: 


All-Over-Print Hoodies


All-over print or AOP print is a technique where you get the largest printing area for the design. Mostly, the easy way in this design is to first print the pattern on the fabric, then cut and sew to make it a hoodie. The outcome is seamless, unlike other ambush or embroidery designs. Generally, this kind of design is done on polyester material. 


Zip-up or roll-out Hoodies


The most common types of hoodies seen out there are either zip-up or roll-out! They are quite popular due to their comfort; they fit everyone and are easy to wear. They are soft, smooth and made of high-quality material. Since size is not an issue, a person can wear one such hoodie for many years. Nevertheless, you can design such hoodies using dye sublimation or the DTG technique. 


Pullover Hoodies


Another comfort wear is a pullover hoodie. They mostly come in unisex designs and budget-friendly prices. To design such hoodies, you can choose the chest area, bottom or back. Usually, pullover hoodies are made of thick and soft material. You can print long-lasting designs in vibrant colours. Again, you can go for all-over printing or DTG while designing the hoodie. 


Crop Hoodies


Crop hoodies are highly preferred among teenage girls and women. They are stylish and can be personalised in bold feminine designs. Since the hoodie is a bit short, it becomes perfect to wear in summer, too. There is a wide variety of colours, styles, fits, pockets, drawstrings, zip-ups, and so on. Choose neutral colours and create an attractive design; the consumers will love it. 


Hoodie designing techniques 


Thematic design 


When designing a hoodie, you can think of the purpose first. Consumers look for hoodies for graduation, get-togethers, parties, holidays, Christmas and so on. You can create designs targeting the purpose. Besides, you can choose a certain theme based on season, anime and superhero characters, quotes, shapes and many more. You can customise the design to match the taste of the consumers. 


Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing


After finalising the design, you can choose Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing technique. It ensures a durable and high-quality print. Here, the design is first printed on a transparent film and then transferred to the hoodie through heat and pressure. 


Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing


Direct-to-garment or DTG  printing is a widely known and popular printing technique. Like inkjet printers, the design is directly printed on the fabric with a specialised printer. However, they are ideal for complex designs and small quantities of orders. 


Vinyl printing


In this technique, the design is cut from vinyl material and then applied to the hoodie using heat and pressure. It's also suitable for vibrant, durable designs on small orders. 




Another popular technique is to create textured designs with embroidery. You can create exclusive designs with embroidery. They make high-quality hoodies. Mostly suitable for small orders. 


How to sell your own hoodies


Designing hoodies is easy, but selling them is the real challenge. Following the techniques below, you can succeed in this journey, too! 


Market Research


Before you start anything, begin with market research. It will help you understand consumer preferences as well as analyse your fellow competitors' strategies. Based on the data, you can easily decide the type of product, quantity, and pricing. 


Target Audiences:


The hoodie consumer volume is huge. To begin with, you can select a certain niche that will connect with like-minded audiences. Combine different themes with purposes to increase the acceptance of your hoodies. No matter what your design or who the consumer is, always incorporate comfort, style and season. 


Design Concept


Create unique, thematic and conceptual designs. They must match the taste of your target consumers. For designing, you can get professional help. At Print Britannia, you can create and print personalised hoodies in various sizes, styles and colours. 


Quality Materials


The higher the quality of the material is, the more people will purchase your products. Hence, you can achieve your target sales. Therefore, it's always important to prioritise quality rather than budget. I recommend you choose comfortable and high-quality materials and durable printing techniques. 


Find suppliers for resources and printing


You need to be careful how you source materials and where you do the customisation. For sourcing material and high-quality blank hoodies, choose reliable sources. There are plenty of places where you can get customised designs and amazing printing services. If you want a one-stop solution for custom printing on hoodies, try Print Britannia. Here, you can get quality hoodies at a budget price. 


Create your own brand


As you create personalised hoodies, having your own brand is a must. Choose a catchy and concise brand name. Select a logo and byline that people will remember by heart. Most importantly, your brand must express the value, aesthetics and product quality. 


Selling platform


For hassle-free selling hoodies, you can start your business online. There are many platforms where you can sell the hoodies. Some of the popular names are Amazon, Shopify etc. Along with them, the best idea is to create your own website! If you want to open a store, then you have to follow legal procedures. 


Brand marketing:


As you are ready to launch your business, come up with a strong marketing strategy, too! Promote your hoodies via social media, email marketing, billboards, and influencers. Add promotional campaigns to attract the audiences. 


Ensure the best quality service


As you pay attention to product quality, you must ensure quality service in terms of delivery and consumer handling. Always ensure delivery on time with efficient shipping. 


Review, scale and expand


To make your service popular and better and expand your business, listen to your consumers. Get feedback, respond to them and improve. You can connect better with your consumer and ensure your brand is their first choice. 


Final thought


It certainly takes time to establish any new business, especially when the market is very competitive. However, staying innovative in style with unique design, ensuring durability and maintaining proper marketing can ensure a sustainable hoodie business.