Phone cases are a fashion accessory these days. People are very picky about choosing unique phone cases for their cell phones. It complements their personal style and sets the mood. Hence, users who are fond of creative phone cases love to have a wide range of collections and often custom-make or look for unique ones that match their style.


Moreover, it also represents one's social status. So, instead of choosing from the common phone cases, people create their own smartphone covers from scratch. To facilitate this need, there are plenty of printing solutions where one can design a phone case using colour, elements, images, etc., of their own choice. 


If you have a creative mind and love designing phone cases, creating and selling phone cases can be a great business idea, too! Certainly, the demand for personalised phone cases is ever-increasing. To go with the trend or live up to the trend in the form of a business, you need to know how to make creative phone cases. 


In this article, I will be talking about some essential aspects of creating personalised phone cases, including exclusive tips and steps so that you can create your own phone case for personal use or start a business. 


Things you need to know about phone cases 


The primary reason for using a phone case is to give protection. Along with that, it's also a way to showcase personal style. Hence, it's important for users to choose attractive and unique phone cases. Research says about 80% of users look for custom phone cases, which gives assurance that making such cases can be a profitable business. 


So, to make impressive cases, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, whether it's for personal use or business. 


Types of users 


There are different categories of users who consider certain aspects before purchasing a phone case. 


Basic protection - users who look for phone covers just to protect the phone from scratches and damage don't really care much about design. They want durable and functional cases. 


Strong protection- durability is the first priority for some users. They want strong and solid cases that will last longer and protect the phone simultaneously. These kinds of users tend to invest in one or two quality phone cases and use them for months. 


Fashion enthusiasts- the number of fashionista phone cover lovers is huge. They love unique, aesthetic and trendy phone cases that match their outfit, personal styles and trends. 


Realistic fashionista- this group of users love fashionable cases but also thinks about the budget. 


Types of phone cases


The phone cases also differ depending on the type of user. The common phone case types are listed below.


Flexible cases


Flexible or flexi cases are handy, extremely lightweight and budget-friendly. They are made of transparent TPU, which is not only impact-resistant but also suitable for wireless charging. 


Transparent cases


Another highly demanding and budget-friendly phone case is a transparent case. They are also impact-resistant, compatible with wireless charging and scratch-proof. 


Eco-friendly cases


A group of users love and campaign for eco-friendly products. They also look for phone cases that are good for the environment. For them, there are biodegradable phone cases which are made of organic and recycled material. 


Slim cases


Slim cases come with a polycarbonate base and a glossy finish on top. They are also suitable for custom design and resistant to shock and scratch. 


Popular brands for phone cases 


There are many phone brands. If you want to start a business for phone cases, it's not possible to design covers for all. The popular brands are iPhone and Samsung. Do market research to understand the demand for the phone models and then create the design accordingly. 


Design tips to create a custom phone case 


Creating personalised phone cases is very easy these days. Following these simple steps, anyone can create a phone case of their choice.


Step 1: Select the colour and type of the case 


To start with the base, choose a case colour and the type of case you want to create first. While choosing a colour, think about the visible side of the case. 


Step 2: Select a design


The options to design phone cases are huge. You can go as creative as you want. You can add images, quotes, logos, shapes, dual tones, and much more. Some phone cases come with elements like glitter, sequin, and water. Create a design of your choice that accentuates the base colour. Remember, less is more. Make a simple and unique design; the users will absolutely love it. Along with the design, you can also add text with effects. Here, you can play with the font style, size and colour. Some cool ideas to add text are name initials, special dates, quotes, etc. 


Step 3: Finalise your design 


As you are ready with the design elements, give a final check. You can reposition the elements and rotate or resize them if needed. The elements of the design must complement each other. Remember to keep a 3mm margin so that no elements get cropped while printing. 


Step 4: save the design in high-resolution 


No matter what design you create, make sure the image is saved in high resolution. There are plenty of printing solutions available where you can print phone cases online. In that case, make sure the file is large, up to 10 MB in PNG or JPEG format, to get the ultimate printing quality.  


Step 5: get your phone case


Now, you are all ready to bring the phone case to life. The desired outcome is only possible with the printing technology you choose. You can either get your own printing press, which is pretty expensive or get external help. There are plenty of printing solutions to get the job done. However, the challenge is to find a reliable one. So, check out the reviews, technology, materials, and costs before you hand over the job to any printing company. 


If you are looking for a reliable printing solution in the UK, then you can blindly trust Print Britannia. Their service quality, material and dedicated team only serve quality no matter how large or small the order quantity they receive. 


 Additional tips to create your custom phone cases


When choosing the phone case colour, it's better to choose transparent or semi-transparent colours. However, avoid mixing opaque and transparent elements. Because it may seem like a gap between the designs if the colours are not printed seamlessly. Be mindful if you mix white and light colours. So, while editing in Photoshop, check out the opacity and transparency rate. They are totally opposite of each other. 


Before you finalise any design, do a sample test and rectify for better appearance or error. 


While you print the design on a phone case, it's okay to avoid the sides. The phone can be seen through the case sides. 


Always save your image file in high resolution, which is 300 dpi. For printing the file, save it in JPEG or PNG, and the size format should be 2.93" x 6.1" 


While you print the design on the designated material, make sure to set the sRGB colour profile. 


Final thought 


These are the list of exclusive tips to help you create designer custom phone cases. Whether for single-use or phone case business, you have the prior knowledge to attempt it. To bring your desired phone case to life, get the best quality print in the UK from Print Britannia. Their experienced team is available 24*7 to assist you with design, print or additional specifications.