Silver Sequin Cushion Cover

Lights, colours and accessories cohesively play a vital role in interior decoration. If you want to name one accessory that complements any light, wall colour or furniture, it's a Silver Sequin Cushion Cover. 


The silver sparkle cushions shine differently as the colour of light changes. When decorated for a party, it will shine bright like a star. Whereas in broad daylight, it will add coolness to the room. Isn't it amazing you can enjoy such a mind-blowing transformation by investing in just cushion covers? 


More interestingly, the sequins on the cover are two-toned. So, you can reverse the sequin to bring more changes to the room. For the cushion cover construction, we are using sequins on the front only. And, at the back, you will receive a soft polyester fabric. 


Because we believe comfort is also an essential factor in room decoration. Hence, the two types of material are used for cover manufacturing. Since the sequin is on the front only, it won't damage easily. For the longevity of them, we recommend you dust off and wash only when required. 


The cushion cover at Print Britannia is available in standard 40x40cm. To make it more complementary to any room decor, we are providing a square-shaped cover at the moment. We believe this classic shape and size is widely available in most homes. Hence, simply purchasing the cover is convenient for decorating the room. 


You can print any design on the cover you want. Compared to images, text or quotes are more articulation on the sequins. Saying that you have the full discretion to decide which design you would like for the cover. 


Even if you don't have a cushion, don't worry. We have the fillers available too. Just select filler with cover on the order form as you place the order. Also, mention how many pieces of cushion covers you need. Then, submit the order form. 


The ready product will arrive at your address within 3 to 5 working days with our standard delivery service. However, if you need them urgently, choose our premium delivery service to receive the cover in a day. 


Nevertheless, the silver glitter cushion covers are a must-have item for every home. It's also an amazing gift item to give someone. For any purpose, don't miss the chance to avail our cushion cover. Place your order now!

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