Personalised Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a useful element for roaming around, trips, sports or running errands. You can carry a few essential things on your back and remain hands-free. Hence, this important item is often chosen as a medium of advertisement. 


Business organisations create personalised drawstring bags with their company logo on them. Not only it catches the attention of the passerby, but it also encourages the participants to own it. Hence, for any annual event, promotional campaign, seminar, conference or sponsorship, handing over custom string bags is always effective. 


Are you interested in creating your own custom logo drawstring bags? Print Britannia has the right offer for you. Here, you can get a standard 37 x 46cm bag which comes in versatile colours. No matter what colour your design or logo contains, you can easily choose from white, black, red, navy blue, royal blue, yellow or neutral colour, whichever you think would be the best. 


Now, in terms of design, most clients believe the more colourful the design is, the more lucrative it will be. Some logos are made of one colour. In that case, if you place it on a contrasting colour bag, it will accentuate the logo and catch attention. Two-coloured logos are most common in the UK. 


At Print Britannia, we believe less is more. Therefore, our experience recommends using at most three colours for the logo. It will be clear and visible, and the audience will have more chances to notice and remember it. The next thing you need to think about is where you want to print the logo. 


Unlike most printing companies, at Print Britannia, you can place the design in multiple positions. If you want to print it in one position, then put it in the middle. However, you can print it at the bottom corner as well for two positions. Some of our clients print the design on both sides of the bags. 


The choice is yours. So, don't you think getting personalised drawstring bags will be an investment worth every penny from us? Certainly! Here, we give our clients the utmost priority. Providing quality service is our aim. Hence, order a piece or in bulk; you can get any quantity of personalised drawstring bags from us. 


To place your order, simply mention the colour and number of bags you need and submit the order form. For urgent delivery, choose our premium service, where you will get delivery in a day. For any queries, feel free to write to us.

Bag Size: 37 cm x 46 cm (width x height)

Printable Area: 37 cm x 46 cm (width x height)

UK Delivery


It’s free for all UK mainland deliveries order over £30 (Net).


You can also order selected products before 2 pm and they will be with you very next day (only on selected London post code)


Once you have selected your products and before proceeded to checkout you will now have the choice of our week days Premium (1-2 working days), Standard (3-5 working days) and saver (5-7 working days) delivery options.


With Click & Collect at Print Britannia, you can now place your order online or offline and then pick up your products at your own time.




Claims in respect of damages in delivery, delay, shortage of quantity or impaired quality must be made in writing to us within 3 days of delivery.

We reserve the right to reprint defective work and shall not be liable to refund.

Our refund process can take upto 3 working days to complete once we have agreed to refund.


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