Photo Slate Printing

At Print Britannia, you will find photo slate printing services at the best rate in the UK. Our slates are made of rock, which is not only strong and durable but also suitable for any slate photo print. 


Whether it's your big day, birthday, anniversary, engagement or corporate party, you can always create a personalized slate photo to mark the event. Our slates are made of high-quality photo sublimation rock. 


Moreover, the flat surface is coated with a polyester white coating. Not only does it make the slate long-lasting, but it is also glossy. It also makes the simple plate look lavish. Moreover, our plate material and construction are eligible for printing in the dye sublimation process. You can use this slate in a swing or a clam press without any confusion. 


To add to the user's convenience, we understand that photos can be in portrait or landscape style. Hence, the slate should support the photo placement in orientation. For this reason, we are providing an additional stand so that you can set the slate anywhere in any position you want. 


Nevertheless, our slates also come in standard 12X22cm size. The measurement can be tentative because the measurement has been taken from the back. The rock photo slate at Print Britannia is one of the preferred items for gifts to loved ones. However, you can also use them for brand promotion at seminars, corporate events or annual events as well. 


No matter which occasion you choose it for, we can deliver them just as your required quantity. There is no minimal order requirement at Print Britannia. You can also place an order for a single piece. To place an order, simply mention the quantity and your preferred delivery service. 


For urgent delivery, we have a premium delivery service where you can get the product within 1 to 2 working days. As you place an order, the item will arrive at the address with a nice presentation box. So, you can directly send the gift to the person you want to. You don't have to worry about packing or wrapping it again. 


For more information or queries, feel free to write to us. We have our professional team available for you 24/7 to ensure quality and on-time delivery printing service.

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UK Delivery


It’s free for all UK mainland deliveries order over £60 (Net).


You can also order selected products before 2 pm and they will be with you very next day (only on selected London post code)


Once you have selected your products and before proceeded to checkout you will now have the choice of our week days Premium (1-2 working days), Standard (3-5 working days) and saver (5-7 working days) delivery options.


With Click & Collect at Print Britannia, you can now place your order online or offline and then pick up your products at your own time.




Claims in respect of damages in delivery, delay, shortage of quantity or impaired quality must be made in writing to us within 3 days of delivery.

We reserve the right to reprint defective work and shall not be liable to refund.

Our refund process can take upto 3 working days to complete once we have agreed to refund.


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