A few years ago, cushions didn't get as much attention as they do these days. It's an integral part of decoration that plays a crucial role in the interior. Hence, people spend time and money on choosing cushion covers that will accentuate the home's beauty. And to facilitate this demand, there are plenty of sources where you can purchase desired cushion covers.


You can also design and create your custom cushion covers or purchase them online. Having said that, to find the right cushion that fits your comfort and style, you need to know what you are looking for while buying cushions online. In this article, I will share some of the essential things that you need to consider when choosing cushion covers to complement any interior decoration.


Things to Consider When Choosing Cushion Covers


When you look for a cushion cover, what do you see first? The size, of course! Then comes the colour, design and so on. Varying the size depends on how coherent any colour or pattern of the cushion will be. It needs prior knowledge and understanding to make the right choice for a cushion. Any cushion cover that looks good doesn't necessarily mean the right fit for your home. Being an interior expert and working on various interior projects, I have incorporated the most important aspects that you need to pay attention to while purchasing cushion covers.


Shape and size 


The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the size and shape of the cushions. If you already have cushions and you just want to get new covers for them, then measure the cushion and search accordingly. However, if you want to get both cushions and covers, keep in mind that there are different sizes as well as shapes available. 


Square, round, triangle, colander, star, flower and various other shapes of cushions are available. For decorating a kid's room, you can get playful-shaped cushions. On the other hand, for the living room or bedroom, you can go for different sizes of cushions. Remember, cushions that are too large or too small can make or break the entire interior of the room. 


Design and style 


When you think of design and style or your cushion covers, are you interested in trendy designs, or are you fond of all-time classic style? Everyone has a personal taste. Some like vintage, whereas some like to follow fashion. Well, a cushion cover can brighten and lighten up the mood of a home. 


Though it's a small piece, it does have the power to draw attention. So, before you decide, do research on the current trend, timeless designs, and thematic designs. The popular ones are traditional, retro-neutral and electric styles. So, find out which style will make your home look aesthetic before you make up your mind. 




As you decide upon the design, know that the material will play a great role in articulating the essence of it. There are various types of material available for cushions. Canvas, silk, cotton, satin, polyester and many more. All of them vary in terms of quality, texture and price. 


If you are planning to get elegant cushion covers, then go for high-end material to use occasionally. However, for regular use, if you have children to mess around with the cushions, then it would be wise to get material that is budget-friendly, easy to wash and suitable for regular use. 


Colours and pattern


The next important thing to consider is the colour of the cushion. Current trends prefer neutral colour tones such as beige, brown, grey and similar earthy colours. They are not only timeless colours but also go well with bohemian and minimalistic interiors. Having said that, vibrant colours are challenging this trend, too.


In gloomy weather, vibrant coloured cushions will surely cheer up your mood. No matter what colour you go for, consider the wall colours, furniture, sofa and other items in the room while choosing the cushion cover. One suggestion to help you easily decide is that you can take any certain image as an inspiration and stick to the colours of that image for one room.  


Cushion closure 


The durability and hassle-free maintenance of a cushion come from its material and closure. So, how you want your cushion closure to be is a very important matter to think about. You can go for the zipper, envelope style, button, or tie closure. Among them, the zipper is the easiest one to insert and remove. It also creates a seamless appearance on the cushion. 


The next common type of closure is the envelope style. Though it gives a casual appearance, inserting and removing the cover requires effort when it's new. Nevertheless, the button or tie-styled closure is also easy to insert and remove. They are more suitable for traditional decorative appearance. So, choose the type of closure that matches the interior theme and user-friendliness. 


Care and maintenance


Cushion covers are the last thing you want to spend hours on for maintenance. Isn't it? Hence, you need to make choices that will make your life easy while treating a cushion cover. So, when you select the material of the fabric, design such as embroidery, sequins, paint or print and so on. Before you wash, make sure to read the instructions. Some materials are recommended for dry wash, whereas others may require specific solutions. Choose the type that is easy to wash with easily available products. 


Exclusive tips for buying the best cushion covers online 


Since most things are readily available right at our fingertips, cushion covers are one of them. It's also easy to check out various designs in one place and make the purchasing decision in less time. So, here are some exclusive tips that will help you find the best covers online. 


While measuring your cushion cover, make sure to take it precisely, not only in terms of height and weight but also in depth. 


The material of the cover determines the quality and durability. So, when you choose the material, read through the product description to understand the comfort, durability and functionality of the cover. 


Before you finally check out the cushion covers from the cart, don't forget to read through the reviews, shipping options and return and exchange policy. 


When you place an order online, remember to verify the expected delivery date and time from the buyer. Also, keep an eye on the progress if the buyer is committed to the given date. Here, consider the shipping cost and if there is any additional charge. These things will help you make a fair budget for a cushion cover. 


If you want to buy a cushion cover for indoor use, then you can go for exclusive material as per your budget. However, for outdoor furniture, choose a material that is waterproof, resistant to stains, easy to maintain, and durable. 


Final Thought 


Though purchasing a cushion online seems convenient, you must be aware of the essential things to consider when choosing a cushion cover, which is discussed in this article. Here, the most important factors are material, size, quality, closure, budget, reviews, delivery system, return policies and so on. The additional tips and tiny details will help you stay alert and make the right purchasing decision. 


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