Keyrings are much more of a thing than holding the keys secured. Some people love to collect keyrings, give others as presents, hang on the bag and so on. From kids to adults, the fans of keyrings are ageless.


It's a must-have thing when you travel and want to bring something convenient as a souvenir. Undoubtedly, keyrings are so hyped these days that people want to create personalised designs such as printing letters and names or getting different shapes of keyrings. The major benefits of custom key rings include their versatility as promotional items. It's also a common yet popular way of branding.


This useful and handy product has got so much attention that there are numerous ways you can customise it. One of the easiest ways is to print keyrings. In this article, I will discuss the entire keyrings printing guide. Let's check it out! 


These ever-popular pocket-sized products are the perfect accompaniment to a whole range of Roland graphics systems. Let's explore a couple of them.


Different ways to print keyrings


Creating keyrings with brand logos is a common form of brand promotion. It's cheap, fast to get and always works effectively. You can print the design on various shaped keyrings such as square, rectangle, circle, heart-shaped and so on. Depending on the purpose and events, you can design keyrings in various ways. Besides, keyrings are available in versatile materials, too. You can print on metal, wood, plastic, or whichever material you want, as per the budget. Here are the different ways you can create personalised keyrings.


Leather keyring printing 


Printing a business logo on leather material makes a stylish keyring. It's unique and attractive, and any recipient would love to hold onto it. Choose a background colour for leather, such as black, brown or red, which will accentuate the design. You can print directly on such material to make a keyring. 


Graphical illustration on a keyring


Another fast way to design keyring is graphic design. You can create any abstract design and print on the keyring to show your artwork. Such keyrings are generally created with vibrant coloured designs on unique-shaped keyrings. 


Keyrings on USB, torch and much more


Keyrings are now beyond the mainstream elements of a ring inserted on an object. It's made more useful by adding a torch, USB device, key finder, toys, etc. Such unique items with keyrings are perfect gifts for branding. Your business logo just needs to be printed on the product so that people notice while using the piece. 


How to print keyrings in the sublimation method


Creating distinct keyrings is anyone's cup of tea if you know the process. If you want to initiate a business of making keyrings with outstanding design, then this information is something you must know. If you don't want to invest in a keyring business, that's okay, too. However, if you feel like doing a promotional campaign with custom keyring, then trust me, you should also know the process. Then only you can do the half job done on your own and minimise the cost. 


Choose or create a design


There are many free designs and templates out there from which you can choose the one you like the best as a keyring. You can also get a professional designer's help. At Print Britannia, we have professionals available for designing and printing where you can trust the outcome. No matter which design you choose, be mindful of the size of the keyring. 


Print the design on sublimation 


As you select the design in image format, it has to be printed on transfer paper. In the sublimation printing technique, the design will be printed using sublimation ink. Here, you can print any colour you want. Before printing, make sure the design is as per the size and shape of the keyring. Generally, round and square keyring sizes are about 4 to 5 cm. 


Transferring the photo to the keyring


The printed photo is then transferred to the keyring. To do this, the heat transfer method is used. The image is placed on the keyring facing down and secured with tape. Then,  the entire piece is inserted in the heat press machine to transfer the photo. The machine will ensure the image is transferred without any air in it. This process makes the image permanently printed on the keyring. 


There you have it. This way, you can print your name, picture, business logo or message and create your own keyring. If you want to print customised keyrings at Print Britannia, we can provide you with various shapes such as circle, heart-shaped, and double-circle keyrings.


Final thought 


Here is the simple keyrings printing guide which you can follow to create your own keyrings. For any upcoming event, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day, you can create a mesmerising keyring and present your loved one. Besides, you can create useful keyrings for brand promotion, too. All you need to do is print the logo in the right size on the keyring. 


If you don't want to take the hassle on your own and get the job done by a trustworthy printing solution, then try Print Britannia. Our professional can create keyrings just as you want and deliver them to your address within a day.