Sustainability and eco-friendliness are the two primary aspects that make jute bags a recent trendy product that consumers prefer. Jute bags are made of natural fibre, which ensures durability, sturdiness and user friendly. Hence, it has gained so much popularity in the UK, where you can create personalized jute bags almost everywhere. 


Jute bags create a bohemian style, which is a favourite kind of fashion trend for minimalists and environmentalists. Such bags mostly come in neutral colours and are big in size to create a fashion statement as you use them. For casual to professional purposes, you can use jute bags for many years on any occasion. 


As everyone is going ga ga over jute bags, it's natural to be curious about its production, material, design process, and printing options. I heard you! 


Hence, in this article, I am sharing all the things you need to know about jute bags so that you can make one in your own style or start a jute bag business. Stay connected to learn all the details! 


What is jute, and why is it so popular these days? 


Jute is a vegetable fibre that comes from jute plants. It's a crop that is produced in the subcontinental area. As the plant grows, the skin and outer stem are taken from the plant. This specific portion of the jute is used for creating bags, sacks, ropes, rugs, carpets and so on due to its sturdiness and durability. 


Though it depends on the user how much they have used to produce, the material quality itself is built to last. One of the major benefits of jute bags is the sustainability of jute compared to artificial leather. This is why jute bags are more often used for daily activities such as grocery shopping, carrying fruits and vegetables, going for a picnic, etc.


Another reason why jute bags have been popular these days is sustainability. This kind of crop requires small land to grow. They are grown in tropical areas where rainfall helps harvest the plants. From growing up to preparing the fibres, the entire process is natural, which results in sure sustainability. 


Therefore, as a user, to facilitate more sustainability, you have to use it. Since the bag is made of strong jute fibre, it is suitable to withstand stress and pressure. Hence, you can reuse it without any worries. Jute bags are not newly invented items. It has been in use for decades. At present, to make the jute bags trendy, new techniques of design have been introduced. 

In further discussion, you will be enlightened about it. 


Suitable printing techniques on jute 


With the advancement of technologies, we witness various types of printing techniques used for various purposes. However, certain materials are suitable for each technique. Hence, you cannot use any technique you like for printing on jute. 


There are several ways you can print on jute. Screen printing, offset printing, digital printing and heat transfer printing. There are both advantages and limitations for each technique, which you will know further here. 


Screen printing


Screen printing is one of the universal printing techniques that goes with any material. If you want top-notch quality print on jute bags, then silkscreen printing would be the right option. However, here, you can use only 10 colours. So, if your design incorporates 10 or fewer colours, you can choose this technique and get the best result. 


Offset printing


If you want a budget-friendly printing option on jute, then go for offset printing. It has no colour limitations. However, the print quality won't be as good as the silk screen. Moreover, it will be less durable as well. 


Heat transfer printing


Heat transfer printing is similar but not the same as screen printing. It's a new technique that is convenient and easy to apply. Here, you print the design on paper, and then, using the heat and press technique, the design is transferred thermally to the jute bag. This technique is often used for transferring logos or any simple design on the surface.  


Digital printing


In digital printing, the design is directly printed on the jute. It doesn't require any stencil or transfer paper. Just uploading a digital file, you can give a print command on the computer, and the printer will do the rest. 


How to design and print on jute bags


Jute material is coarse and thick by nature. Hence, it requires a special kind of printing to bring perfection compared to other materials. To print on jute bags, you can go for screen printing to make cost-effective and sturdy print on the bags. Step-by-step process of printing on jute bags-


Step 1: Clean the bags before printing 


Before you proceed with printing on jute bags, the first and foremost thing you need to do is clean the bag. If there is any tiny spot or dirt, it will affect the print quality. If you want to minimize the cost and ensure perfection every time you print on the bag, clean them beforehand. 


Step 2: Creating a stencil 


The first thing you need to do is create a stencil according to the design you have selected for the bag. The benefit of having this stencil is you can create various patterns with it. To transfer it to the jute bag, first, you need to use fabric print on the stencil. Then, use a transfer paper to print the design.  


Step 3: Get a standard printer 


If you are using freezer paper for transferring the design, then you need to attach it to the bag first. It will work as a layout where you can print. Insert the design into the computer. Now, as you attach the freezer paper to one panel of the bag, it's time to feed it into the printer.


This method requires a bit of ingenuity. If you use freezer paper and attach it to one side of the jute, you will be able to create a surface that can be printed on. Now, use any software you prefer to print on the bag. To minimize errors, you can print on a practice sheet first. 


Step 4: Print with a tight weave 


Jute itself is a sturdy material. However, the weaving quality of the bag depends on the manufacturers. So, before you print the design on the bag, make sure it comes with a tight weave. Then only you can get perfection in printing in any technique, whether it's stencil or transfer printing.  


Pro tips to print effectively on jute bags


  • To ensure print perfection on jute bags, make sure the artwork is saved in high-resolution

  • Before you print in bulk, get a sample print first and make corrections if needed.

  • Use bold typeface and vibrant colours for attractive visibility

  • Include a short but strong message

  • Use text no smaller than 22 pt


Final Thought 


Here is everything you need to know about printing on jute material. Whether it's a bag, rug or carpet, this guide will help you. In short, consider the bag size, design proportion, bag cleanliness and high-resolution design. To print effectively on jute bags, follow our pro tips and get the printing done by a reliable printing service like Print Britannia.