Then you are looking for some tips to design your required pop up banner? That's great! It would be great if you have a thirst for the necessary guidelines to create a workable pop up banner. 


Banners are relatively affordable yet one of the most effective marketing weapons. A banner can help you secure hundreds of leads. And chances are very high that maximum or at least some of them will turn into your customers. Yes, a banner not only draws attention toward a service or product or any business event, but it also converts. 


Among them, the pop up or retractable banner is an excellent advertising tool to gain leads. You might have heard about trade show pop up banners. Not merely that, you can use it at exhibitions, showrooms, or different business events as well. However, there are many competitors. So to help you beat the competition we have prepared this guide. It would help if you did not miss it for the sake of designing banners fruitfully. Should you? This long-researched, well-thought guide contains the most crucial tips! 


Let’s go ahead! 


Pop up Banner - 5 Tips You Should Not Miss


You may develop pop up banner designs on your own, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a guide like this. You should maintain some essential things during such a standing banner design. Please go through the points below. 


Positioning the Core Message


You had better try to get into your prospect’s mind. Then what to do with your banner message? A banner includes brand logo, website, phone number, official address, etc. These are the essential pieces of information for pop up banner display. It would help best if you put these at the top of your banner. This is similar to a stand up banner design. If you go through the best pop up banner examples online or offline, you will see this. And when you are in an exhibition, half of your banner will usually remain unexposed by a table. So setting them aligning with the eye level will help grab attention.


Another crucial thing is the content arrangement. Let the readers read from left to right, top to bottom. It aligns with the common human psyche. Moreover, having enough white spaces will make it alluring for sure. 


Ensuring Precision 


In literature, precision is beauty. Better consider implementing this in your banner too! Remember, you have to impress the guests, passers-by, or event-coming people shortly. So it will be wise to make the body copy as brief as attractive. Better hire an expert copywriter in need and make the title, slogan, and typography so appealing that they help you stand out from others. 


Learn about Various Sizes


Let us be clear about the pop up banner size. There are different pop up banner dimensions. Please look at the points below:


  • A standard retractable pop up banner should be  3ft x 10ft.


  • The popular size is 6ft x 2ft and 


  • A standard pop up banner size is 800mm wide by 2000mm or 2.6247 feet.


And ideally, it should not cross 4ft x 10ft. Also, it would help if you did not make it lower than 4ft x 6ft. Else, you may go online to come up with a retractable banner template. You will have a variety of good templates out there to feed your head. You can shape the pop up display banners in different stands and sizes. 


Learn about Average Price 


The pop up banner cost will certainly depend on the size. Else, it depends on the pop up banner material. For example, the cost of fabric pop up banner will be different from other ones. And a lightweight pop up banner is always recommendable. 


Overall, you will have the pop up banners cheap here in the whole United Kingdom. Allow us to mention the average cost. These are as follows:


  • A premium retractable roll up banner can be a bit costly, but the regular retractable banner ranges from £23 to £75.


  • On average, pop up, or retractable banner design price starts from around £23. 


  • Standard pop up banner price starts from £20 while a standard talent pop up banner costs around £60. 


The Arrangement of Colours 


The colour selection should be compatible with the pop up banner design. Making it compatible with your brand logo will be wise. You may have such a banner with a small logo. In that case, a combination of yellow and white will be impressive. But don’t employ such a combination if you have a bigger logo. This is indeed the most critical part. 


We recommend bright colours and neons in the case of pop up banners for trade shows. And prefer corporate colours, i.e. colour scheme if you are a corporate body. It will help you create a workable and aesthetic image at the same time. Finally, be sure to make the background colour consistent with the banner message and image. 


A High-quality Image Is a Must 


You must incorporate a striking image in your pop up banner. You may need to demonstrate the bondage of your office staff of different ethnic groups, the face of a newly launched product. Whatever it is, there should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Hopefully, you won’t compromise to ensure a direct transfer from the camera. Only this way you can come up with a striking image. And please always save the image as CMYK that stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. Here 'Key' means black. It is the prime colour for conditioning the image outcome. And avoiding RGB, i.e. Red, Green, and Blue- is also a must for better printing. 


Your banner should display the height of your professionalism. Be cautious; a low-quality image can spoil everything! You had better design the banner so impressive that it makes you happy with desired leads. And it would help best if you avoid sourcing images from any search engines like Google, eBay, etc. In our printing experience, we have seen that such an image often becomes pixelated and blurry after printing. 


Usually, a pop up or retractable banner is comparatively big in width and length. The large retractable banners can contain all the expected design elements. Hope not you want to miss the advantage of this! And you can enjoy the same benefit on cheap pop up banners. Marketing experts consider a high-quality image as the standout feature. So better be very careful of it. 


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Wrapping Up

Pop up Banners are so helpful that marketers regard these as workhorses. Such a guide is enough to help you win potential customers through tremendous custom pop up banners. It will take your business to the next level. Now all is up to your implementation. If you apply this thoughtfully, you will benefit from it. We hope you will make the best use of it to become one of the best!