Roll up Banner, Pull up Banner, or Roll up Banner Stands - whatever you call, it remains the same. Important is, following some basic things while you go for roll up or pull up banner design. Especially to create the desired impact, its placement, colour, copy, and image are equally important. In this article, from that point of view, we are going to share the most valuable tips to help you create outstanding designs.


Roll up banner or rolling banner is a competent marketing tool to grab people’s attention at exhibitions, popping up outside venues, trade shows, or shops. Not merely that, you will be happy to see its durability. This can be easily visible a marketing or displaying material, but not easily forgettable! Aren't you looking for something like that? 


Anyway, now it's time to move on. This post will provide you with a powerful concept for designing such a banner. And only through this single marketing weapon you can take your business to the next level.


Let’s go!


Roll up Banner - 5 Design Tips You Should Follow


The ability to design a banner isn't a matter of a cup of tea. You have to maintain some inevitable things to create something extraordinary. Please go through the points below to get them in detail. 


The Placement of Your Brand Message  


It would help best to have good planning for the positioning of your roll up banner. The Roll up banners might have multi-functional usage. But putting the logo along with the aimed message at the peak of your banner is recommendable. It will help raise brand awareness better. Are you not trying to grab maximum people’s attention? Then why won’t you place them at their eye level! Let the passers-by watch your logo and message while they walk past. 


Such a placement is tricky also. The chances are very high; when you are thinking of displaying the banner at an exhibition, it will be half exposed, typically due to a table in front of it. If you showcase it in the reception arena, you have more chances to use the necessary information. However, it’s always clever to avoid the banner’s lower part for any essential information. Also, let the readers read your roll up banner content from top to bottom, from left to right. Such an easy-going placement will surely be effective. 


Quality-oriented Imagery 


The roll up banner images should be stunning, no matter if it is the product image or something else. We regard such an image as a ‘standout feature’. For this-


  • Better try to ensure a minimum of 300 dpi. And We would like to suggest a direct transfer from the camera. Let the image be as striking as meaningful. 


  • A roll up banner is comparatively big. It will be wise to take advantage of this!  


  • Of course, you should avoid the RGB colour format. Save the image as CMYK that stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. It will be apt for roll banner printing. Please note here 'Key' refers to black. It is the chief colour for conditioning the image outcome. 


  • You had better make it a sign of your professionalism. Only such a banner impresses the people and generates better leads. A poor-quality image does exactly the opposite.


  • Please avoid managing an image from any search engine like Google, eBay, etc. As an experienced printing hub, we know it often becomes pixelated and blurry after printing. 


Learn about Different Sizes and Patterns 


Many roll up banner design online hubs might be waving at you. However, before approaching, you must be aware of your roll up banner size. Let us begin with retractable banners. Printing retractable roll up banner is the trendiest. We will be talking about both roll up banner size in feet and inches. 


Roll up Retractable Banner Size and Price 


Retractable banner stands are favourable to many, but the retractable banner design is exceptional. A retractable roll up banner stand comprises a retracting mechanism. A pull up banner size is similar to a roll up banner stand size in inches. Such a banner’s standard sizes are 24”x81” and 33”x81”. And in millimetres, it is 2.7887 feet or 850mm x 2000mm on average. Now you thoroughly know what a roll up banner size in inches.


In the United Kingdom, a premium roll up banner of a retractable category can be a bit costly, but the normal retractable banner ranges from £23 to £75. However, if you are googling like - retractable banners near me in London, you will have us more affordable than others. Likewise, you can get a quality retractable banner stand since we do not compromise quality. You cannot but like our customised retractable banner template, okay! We have a reputation for printing the best retractable banners.


Roll up Standard Banner Size and Price 


The roll up or pull up banners are common as standing banner design or standard design. This is one of the most popular roll up banner types, especially for promoting business events and portability. You can print merely one side. Usually, it is 800mm wide by 2000mm or 2.6247 feet high. Then how about the price, right? Well, generally, a standard roll up banner price starts from £20 while a standard talent roll up banner costs around £60 in the United Kingdom.


Roll up Standee Banner Size and Price 


The standee design can serve your various purposes. For example, a custom roll up banner in standee design can be an excellent means of exhibitions, trade shows, product launching ceremonies, reception area signage, etc. The global standard roll up or pull up banner stands sizes of this design are 2x5 ft, 2.5x6 ft, and 3x6 ft. However, the most common standee size is 2.9528 feet or 900x2000 mm in the United Kingdom. On average, its price starts from around £23.


Powerful Arrangement of Colours 


The colour choice is indeed a big deal in roll up banner design. The colour selection should be compatible with the design. It would be great to align with your brand logo. Let’s say your roll up banner has got a small logo for insertion. In that case, a combination of yellow and white will be effective. On the contrary, a combination of yellow and white will make a mess. Readers will find it challenging to go through from a distance. 


You may feel free to be big and bold. Especially for a trade show, we suggest noticeable designs with contrasting tones to make a sheer difference from your competitors. Bright colours and neons can be handy in this regard. 


Besides, it would help best if you ensured corporate colours, i.e. colour scheme. It’s all about maximising the power colour. This way, let the image be aesthetic and functional. Else, the background colour should accent the message and image.


The Inevitability of Contact Details


Don’t let the core purpose ruin. Why are you making a roll up banner? To promote sales through raising awareness, to gain leads, rights? Then including all the necessary contact details like phone number, website link, office’s physical address is a must. It ensures a long-run relationship with your potential customers. 


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Final Thoughts 


The Roll up Banner is essential advertising material. There is no alternative to maintain the things we have mentioned above for raising interest in the passersby. This guide was a generous effort from Print Britannia as part of its self-commitment to the printing and design industry. Now you are all set to get the maximum result. We wish you all the best!