Wondering what is the best sticker and labels types? There are many options, but which is best suited for you or your brand? This depends on what type of brand you work in and what your purpose for using them. 


Bright and vibrant stickers and labels never fail to catch attention. Whether you want to upgrade your brand promotional activity or run an impactful social awareness program, stickers play a significant role in spreading the message for any cause. For instance, during the COVID pandemic, large-sized stickers and labels were commonly used for social distancing.


Besides, it's also used for halal certification, organic production, raising awareness, or simple branding. Considering the purpose, the sticker's size, shape, and types vary. You will find versatile kinds of stickers out there. However, to know the type of stickers and labels most appropriate, you must pay attention to the detail in this article. 


Here, I am talking about the best sticker and labels types in London that you can blindly choose for promotional activity and at a reasonable cost. We will discuss everything you need to know about them like their specification, used material, pros and cons, etc. The discussion will be really interesting as we are going to give you really informative insights about them So let’s dive in.


What are the Best Sticker and Labels Types in London? 


Best Sticker and Labels Types in London

There are so many types of available stickers and labels. But, what are the most common and popular ones? Here are the  three of the best sticker and labels types in London: 


Round and rectangle stickers and labels: Round and rectangle stickers and labels are mostly used in product items, are sharp,  easy to carry, and very quickly grab attention.


Vinyl Wall Stickers: Vinyl wall stickers are mostly used for decoration and information purposes. Need professional help to set up.

Window Stickers:  Window stickers are set up for brand information, and increase your brand’s visibility, these stickers can make people interested in your brand.


Best Sticker and Labels Types in London


A large part of London’s economy relies on the printing business. Here, you will find the most advanced technology when it comes to advertising with printing solutions. For stickers and labels, you will see round, rectangle stickers in different sizes. Not only that, but you can also print them on versatile kinds of paper and color. 


Here, I am introducing you to the top three types of stickers and labels in London that are popular among all. 


1. Round and Rectangle Stickers and Labels 

Round and Rectangle Sticker and Label

Round stickers are used on products mostly. To highlight halal or organic certification, ingredient authenticity, or simply branding on the product opening, these types of stickers are placed. The sticker holds an exceptional value that consumers immediately feel the reliability of the product. 


Since products come in various sizes, the size of the round stickers and labels are chosen accordingly. If the product is small, a large-size sticker won't be cohesive. The stickers are also printed on A4 sheets; hence you can get many stickers on one sheet. Not only does it make an affordable method for branding, but also the stickers stay in a safe place. 


You can simply pick the stickers you need to apply on the product and keep the rest for later use. Along with the cost-effectiveness, the stickers and labels are printed on matte uncoated paper. These papers have acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. It means the sticker will stay on the surface strongly, and you won't have to worry about wear and tear easily. 


It's another prior reason why rectangle and round stickers are commonly used for printing addresses on packaging and labels and applied on consumable items as well. These are some of the top sticker services in London. 


Standard Round Sticker and Label Specifications


Sticker Type: 6, 18, 24, 36, 65, and 96 Circles or Rectangle Sticker on an A4 Sheet 

Size: 80mm to 1500mm 

Paper Type: Matte white, Semi-gloss 

Color Option: Full Color or Black and White



  • More Size Available
  • Easier to Peel-off 
  • Sharp and Strong Edge



  • Difficult to Design



2. Vinyl Wall Stickers 


Vinyl Wall Sticker


Using Vinyl wall stickers at home or office is another affordable choice for interior decor. The stickers are made of  70µ matte vinyl, which also comes with strong acrylic dispersion pressure-sensitive adhesive. Not only do the stickers require no professional help to set up, but they are also easy to maintain so that it beautifies your interior for years. 


Since decoration is a form of art, there are versatile options to decorate any space. It can be a memorable photo, art, or quote that you are fond of and want to be in constant touch with. You can customize any design you want. 


Such a design can be easily set up on a wall, door, tiled wall, mirror, window, and so on. Not only that, but you can also place the sticker on the car window as well. In London, you can select a vinyl sticker for brand promotion and design it with the company logo, tagline, contact information, etc.  


Standard Vinyl Wall Sticker Specifications


Sticker Size: 500mmX500mm, 500mmX1000mm

Shape: Custom Shape, Contour Cut



  • Waterproof, Sunlight proof
  • Easily Customizable
  • Lasts Longer
  • Flexible



  • Not Properly Environmentally


3. Window Stickers 


Windows Sticker


Window stickers are a great way to spread a message. For brand promotion, companies choose to print stickers with the company logo and contact information and set them on car windows. You can also set it on the office door and window as well. Since the sticker has a strong adhesive, you can expect it to last for years. 


The stickers are generally printed on clear or frosted material so that it stays durable. However, there are versatile options of material to print the sticker on, such as gloss white sticker, frosted film, matte white, vinyl, and one-way vision perforated material. 


Considering the surface type of where you are going to place the sticker and how long you expect it to stay, choose the material accordingly. You can also customize the design in any shape and color you want. 


These kinds of stickers are also placed as a form of interior decor. Many coffee shops in London print favorite quotes on the shop’s glass wall to attract consumers and make a smart look simultaneously. Then, shop opening hours, special offers, and discounts are also promoted in sticker form set on the wall. 


Standard Window Sticker Specifications


Size: 500mmX500mm, 1000mmX1000mm, 1500mmX1500mm
Type: Vinyl, one-way perforated, matte dical, gloss decal, transparent decal, frosted, vinyl cut letter 

​​​Shape: Rectangle, circle, contour cut 



  • Easy to apply
  • Made with Quality Material
  • Great for Brand Promotion



  • Difficult to Remove


Final Thought 

To conclude, the article on the best Sticker and labels types in London, it's proved that the options to print stickers are limitless. These creative stickers and labels allow any designer to explore their level of creativity and let the companies promote their brand in a unique way. Consumers can never avoid a vibrant sticker on a product as soon as they touch it. So, establish a long-lasting place on the audience's mind with vibrant stickers and labels on the product and let it promote your brand effortlessly.