One of the strongest mediums of advertising is posters. Whether it's commercial, educational, awareness or announcement, posters fit in every campaign. Hence, there is a wide range of versatility when it comes to printing posters. 


Design, colour, printing outcome, budget and there are a lot of major and minor factors that bring the difference from one poster type to another. Though the options are too many to choose from, here I am going to introduce you to the best poster types in London. 


Best Poster Types in London


Posters are popularly used for advertisement and brand promotion. However, it's a popular form of interior decoration too. Now, you can print personalized designs and decorate your home or office wall. Considering the popularity in diverse sectors, here are the 10 poster types I have selected for your benefit: 


Acrylic Prints


With acrylic poster printing, you can transform any image into a wall-decorating poster. Most people use their favourite images, artwork for home interiors and product images for brand marketing. The benefit of using acrylic print is it accentuates the colour and brings precision to the image. 


For acrylic print, it's best to use 3-5mm Opal Carbonate/Carbonate material. You can find this material in A1, A2, A3 and A4 sizes. Not only that, you can get normal and 3D acrylic printing on plexiglass. The outcome would be clear and glossy, and the artwork would be durable to last long. You can use it for interior and exterior decoration. 


Cafe Barrier Banners


Posters are popularly used in coffee shops and restaurants. Certain kinds of cafe barrier banners are extremely popular in London. If you want to create a separate place for a coffee spot, then the barrier banner will do the job at a low price. You can also use the banner as a directional poster. 


The standard coffee banner barriers are made of 220gsm polyester material. You can print any customized design on it and use it for indoor and outdoor coffee areas. They are durable and suitable to use in any weather condition.


Car Vinyl Wrap


Car vinyl wrap is not only a popular poster in London but also all over the world. It immediately transforms the appearance of an automobile with a small investment. For those who love fashionable and trendy items to use on vehicles, car vinyl wrap is an item they long for. 


Not only that, it's a great method of moving marketing. Many companies use car vinyl wrap on the company vehicle or sponsored transport, and it does the marketing job effortlessly. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of the wrap, the PVC poster comes with gloss vinyl white permanent adhesive. It also works as a protection for the car from sunlight and abrasion. 


Correx Boards


Correx boards are extremely lightweight and easy to set up. Hence, printed correx boards are used for displaying items or directional signs at various places. Whenever a new service or food item is added to the menu, it's printed on the correx board and placed at an easily noticeable spot.


It's believed that the correx boards impact directly on the product sales and services. Since it's used indoors and outdoor places, the board must be durable and long-lasting. Hence, the material is a polypropylene flute board which is waterproof and brings a smooth finish. You can also generally find the board in A1 to A4 size. However, if you need, custom creating the size is also possible. 




Upgrade your new offer promotion or branding to the next level with flags. Print the most important content on the flag in bold and vibrant colours and set it at the store. You will notice how magically it grabs the attention of the visitors. Hence, it's used at events, activity tents and displays at stores. 


For printing your custom design on the flag, the standard material is 240gsm opaque fabric. The fabric is non-transparent and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Not only that, you can give the flag unique shapes like square, wing, beach, window or pole flag. 


Foam Boards


Foam boards are made of polystyrene material which is lightweight and easy to set up. Printed foam boards are used to display information display at the storefront. To represent graphical illustrations or office projects, foam boards are used to display key information at a low cost.


It's about 5mm thick, which brings a 3D effect. You can also print the board in A0, A1 and A4 sizes. Since it's sturdy and thick, you can print photos, art or any visual representation and set it for indoor use.




Posters are always an effective method to communicate with the audience. Hence, it's used in every sector and for various purposes like advertisement, public relations, awareness programs or brand marketing. It's inexpensive but easiest to create.


You can print eye-catching posters in various designs, colours and sizes; there are no boundaries. For photo poster printing, you have a wide range of sizes (A1 to A4) or paper, including matte, silk and gloss to choose from. You can also laminate the poster for durability and accentuate the colour and texture.


PVC Banners


Event organization, presentation, advertisement, and the use of PVC banners is almost every way. It's huge, lucrative and provides room to create personalized designs. The PVC material of the banner is sturdy and suitable to use for indoor and outdoor advertisement. 


Varying the event and purpose of use, you can choose the banner size you require. Though 5th is the common size in terms of width and length, you can also decide to go for 2ft, 3ft, 4ft and 9ft. The paper quality is top-notch, and you can use the best quality ink to print on it. The colour won't easily fade over time. 


Roll Up Banner


Advertisements, events, campaigns, trade fairs, presentations, and the use of roll-up banners are everywhere. The banner is used to inform and engage the audience about a campaign. Hence, they are used for short-term advertisement. 


The prior reason for the roll-up banner popularity is its lightweight and easy set-up. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can easily carry and use it repeatedly. The banner is mostly used in educational institutions, career fairs, the entertainment sector, restaurants, hotels, etc. It's also used for welcoming the customers while introducing the company at the entrance of the store. 


Considering the size of the venue, you can print the banner in A3 to any custom size. Since roll-up banners are big in size, it's important to use high-resolution images for the best outcome. 


Selfie frames


Selfie frames are quick and cost-effective to make. For any celebration like a wedding, anniversary, birthday or event like graduation, creating a photo booth with customised selfie frames is trending these days. It makes the entire event joyous and allows the visitors to capture the special moment.


It's also a part of the event organization. Hence, you can create any size of frame that complements the entire venue. However, the popular sizes are A0, A1 and A2. Since visitors at the events are going to spend quite a bit of time near the frame, it must be made of strong and durable material. You can also recycle the frame for other events as well with simple maintenance. 


Final thought 


These are the 10 best poster types in London that are commonly used for brand promotion, social events and educational activities. The use of posters is never decreasing. In fact, new dimensions and types are going to be introduced in future. To make the best use of it, you can choose from the popular types and use them wisely so that it serves the purpose at the best price.