Designing own apparel is a trendy fashion these days. Along with clothing items, you can now custom-design bags, shoes, accessories and so on. The fact is, designing and printing clothes are easy and quick. 


For this reason, companies design and print these items with their brand logo for advertisement purposes. If you also want to embrace this method and want to know what works most effectively, then this article is written for you. 


Here, you will learn the best printed clothing types in London that will benefit the business. 


Best Printed Clothing Types in London


Clothing is not limited to t-shirts or shirts any more. You can now design and print your own item for men, women and children regardless of age. Since you are planning to utilise them for brand marketing, know which items the consumer will immediately respond to.




Everyone loves T-shirts. Kids, teenagers, siblings, adults, every person is fond of T-shirts. Hence, custom-printed t-shirts can be given as a promotional item that the consumers will hold onto it. Since it's apparel, the quality must be comfortable and long-lasting.


Therefore, you should choose a T-shirt in Gildan cotton or ringspun material. Then decide where you want to place the design. The design must accentuate the t-shirt. Hence, choose a shirt colour that will complement the logo as well as present the design precisely. Create t-shirts in various sizes for business promotion so that all kinds of consumers feel included. 




Clinics, research organisations, educational institutions, restaurants, saloons and many other organisations need aprons. You can create custom-designed aprons to represent your company through it. The most popular way is to include a logo, photo and company name in print or embroidery.


Since it's worn to get protection from dirt, the fabric must be of high quality. Most aprons have pockets on them which is the best place to include the design. Choose the apron colour that accentuates the logo and is compatible with the brand theme. There are various types of apron type and positions to print the design on it. 


Baby Grow


Designing personalised rompers or onesies for babies is a new fashion trend. Parents create such designs to capture the monthly milestone. Not only that, on birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day, customised baby items with images or special quotes make the moment eventful. 


Since the apparel is for babies, the material must be soft, breathable and stretchable. There are various sizes available so that you can pick the one suitable for the size of the baby. You can also choose the colour you prefer for the onesie and create a design for the front or back. It's the perfect item for personal use and gift. 


Caps & Hats


Style in summer with caps and hats. It also gives protection from the sun. You can also create your personal style with your own design. Printing a 3D design or getting embroidery on the cap are both popular these days.  


It's also a popular item for marketing campaigns where you can print the logo on it. Caps come with adjustable snapback so that it fits any user. Moreover, the material must be cotton to ensure comfort so that the user holds on to it. Boost up your branding with a custom design cap to represent your company at corporate events, trade fairs or sports events. Here are all the things to know when ordering custom caps.


Cotton Bag


Cotton bags are also an eco-friendly material that can be used for picnics, grocery shopping or errands. Design the bag with a logo print on it and let your consumers do the marketing on your behalf. You can print the design on the drawstring or centre or corner of the bag. 


Hi-Vis Workwear


Hi-Vis workwear is an essential item for construction sites. It's made of knit fabric featuring mechanical stretch, colour retention and abrasion resistance. It does not require ironing; hence it's ready to wear in a rush or emergency.   


Such workwear is available in fluorescent colour, which reflects in broad daylight and even at night. Choose the workwear in the required size and print the design on the front and back. You must choose the design colour carefully so that it highlights the logo prominently. 


Jute Bags


Eco-friendly jute bags are an essential item for daily use. The bags are made of durable jute, which can withstand heavy weight. Hence, custom-printed jute bags are the perfect promotional gift that the recipients must use for shopping, picnic, laundry or carrying essential items. Companies often gift jute bags as goody bags at events with printed logos on them. Considering all of these benefits of jute bags it has worked as effortless marketing for the companies for years.


Kids T-Shirts


For fashion apparel or business promotion, t-shirts are a common and useful item to give. If you are entering into the clothing business, the little ones can be your potential consumers. Custom-printed Kids' T-Shirts with cartoons, print superheroes or fun quotes; kids will love it. You can choose vibrant colours for the t-shirts that will make every child adorable. From toddlers to teenagers, t-shirts are available in many sizes. They are also available in cotton and jersey knit fabric that is comfortable and breathable. 


Polos Shirts


Polos are stylish formal and casual wear. You can create personalised design polo shirts for your employees. It will make them feel part of the company and motivate them to work. You can also use it as a promotional gift item at events or on New Year's Eve. Add the design to the chest area or back; the choice is yours. It's a useful promotional gift that allows the user to feel comfortable and stylish. 




Sportswear is available in versatile sizes, colours and materials. If you run a sports company or sponsor any game, you can make personalise sportswear to promote your brand. There are various kinds of sportswear for you to choose from. You can select performance t-shirts or unisex t-shirts for corporate sporting events. They are available in various sizes so that you can choose for kids, male and female. It's breathable and quick drying, which ensures comfort to the players during sports.


Final thought 


While you think of promoting business via apparel, these are the best printed clothing types in London you can go for. Besides, the clothing line can be a great option for business as well, where you can explore versatile designs. Consumers love unique and comfortable wear that will make them stand out among others. You can fulfil their wish by designing stylish t-shirts, sportswear, bags etc. while promoting your brand simultaneously.