Photography is a digital art form that not only captures moments but also represents natural beauty. For this reason, photos can be used as a gift to your loved ones on special occasions. On birthdays, anniversaries, and friendship days, a simple photo-printed mug can bring a smile to your favourite person. 


Besides, photos can be a corporate gift too. Withholding the company logo in office accessories or distributing personalised photo-printed items are budget-friendly and valuable items for corporate marketing. So, for professional to personal gifts, if you want to know which kind of gifts are more appreciated, then this article is right for you. 


Here, you will get to know the best photo gift types in London. 


Best Printed Photo Gift Types in London


The ideas for creating photo gifts are beyond imagination. Photo frames, mugs, folders, pens, stationery items and many more. If you want to give photo gifts to your loved one, you can pick any of the options you like. It's an effective item for brand promotion too. 


Here are a few of the best photo gift types in London that are well-accepted by the mass.  



Creating printed accessories with photos

Creating printed accessories with photos is an amazing idea. By accessories, I mean card holders, magazine holders, pens, notebooks etc. You can photo print the logo or company name on it, and it will create a lavish look. It will be the cherry on top if you choose clear acrylic holders for business cards or magazines.  


Place this thing at the reception and desk of your employees, and it will represent the company's value effortlessly. You can also display the brochures and flyers on stand-up holders or literature holders with a personalised design. You will also get them in various sizes. Not only do these accessories help you keep things organised, but you also send them as gifts to your clients.


Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing

Print your favourite photo of nature or memory on a canvas. Accentuating your focal wall of the living room or corridor with a family photo is a great idea. You can print them in various sizes A2 or A3, and in versatile shapes like rectangles, squares etc.; you can also decorate your home or office interior with a canvas this way. For photographers, you can showcase your photography skill at events with photo printing on canvas. The canvas comes with an 18mm thickness which will create a 3D effect. Unlike photo frames, you don't require any frame to set up the image.


Cushion Covers

Printing photos on cushion covers is easy and fun. Decorating it with an image, letter or artwork and simply printing on it is just a matter of time. There is a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes available for cushions which you can set on the sofa, balcony or corner seat. If you want to get, a luxurious feeling, choose a comfortable premium quality linen fabric.



Printing a photo and framing it is the quickest gift idea ever. If you are at the last minute of giving someone a gift, you can print a nostalgic photo and frame it at a very reasonable price. Besides pictures, you can also frame certificates, artwork, achievements and so on. There are various sizes of custom frames available. If you want a durable quality frame go for wood or aluminum-based frames.


Key Rings

Personalised key rings are a popular accessory in London. For brand promotion or corporate gifts, you can print your company logo on the key rings at the cheapest rate. The quality is top-notch, and the item is useful to everyone. You can include it as a new year's gift or an appreciation item for attending an event.




Designing mugs with a photo, company logo, or favourite quote is always the best gift ever. It's loved by everyone. Whether it's your client, loved one or family member, creating a personalised mug always shows that you care. It's a useful item that the recipient will hold on to. Not only that, but you can also create a dual tone or magic effect on the mug that will bring a smile to the recipient's face. Hence, print personalised mugs for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, annual functions and so on.



If you are arranging any event and thinking about what to give to the participants, custom-printed pens are a great option. Print the company logo on the pen body and give it to the participants; it will speak for your brand. Pens are something useful that we care for and share. When this pen passes from one hand to another, it will be noticed. Thus, your brand will be promoted. You can also choose a pen colour matching with your logo.


Phone Cases

Another remarkable gift item is a phone case. You can now create custom designs on it as well. Print your favourite photo, quote or artwork and present it to your friend or family. You can also sell this custom-designed phone case for business purposes. If you want to get a durable quality phone case, choose silicon or plastic-based material. It will not only protect your phone but also showcase your personal style. Also, explore these tips to create custom phone cases.


Photo Panel

Looking for unique and creative gift ideas? Get a personalised photo panel and present it to your loved one. The photo panel can be set on a desk or hung on the wall. Made of acrylic material will elevate the interior of the place wherever you set it. These kinds of photo panels can be found with clocks as well, which makes it an amazing gift item. Nevertheless, you can also give this item at events, seminars and occasions to make it remarkable.


Teddy Bears


From children to women, everyone loves to get teddy bears as a gift. It's a common item, though; you can make it a unique item by printing an image on it. Print a loving quote, image or brand logo on the teddy bear top. A personalised teddy bear will uplift the mood of the recipient. You can also get teddy bears in various styles. A keyring or a small-sized doll, it's an amazing gift item that comes at an affordable price.


Final thought 


In short, the ideas for photo gifts are endless. There is no limitation to showing creativity when it comes to presenting a gift with a personal photo on it. However, if you don't want to take any risk and invest in an item that always wins the heart, then go for the list of best printed photo gifts types in London mentioned in this article. It will be effective as a personal and professional gift item.