Calendar is a classic and smart way to promote a brand. Certainly, it's an essential item that everyone needs. Hence, regardless of the profession of the recipient, companies invest in creating memorable calendars to make their brands seen. 

There are versatile ways you can design and print calendars to make it unique. Investing very little money compared to other media advertising, you can reach people of all ages, classes, genders and professional interests. Another reason is it's a competitive marketing strategy for brand promotion. 

Therefore, to make your calendar stand out among others and you get the best outcome, we are sharing the most untold calendar printing tips for you! Don't go anywhere if you want your calendar to speak for you! 

Calendar printing tips 

To make an outstanding calendar, you need to pay attention to the paper quality, colour choice, how your brand is articulated through the design and so on. These are tiny details that create a huge impact. In this section, you will get tips for creating the design to print. So, stay tuned! 

What would be the theme? 

Every calendar is designed based on a theme, whether it's a personal or professional calendar, with a customized design. If you want to promote your brand, you need to think of a theme that is related to or represents your business. On the basis of the theme, you can choose the rest of the elements of the calendar. 

Be mindful of colours

As I mentioned earlier, the importance of the theme. The next thing you need to think about is the colour. Here, you need to think of the brand logo colours and think of a colour that is compatible with the logo and theme cohesively. The colour must be attractive and eye-soothing. 

Here, the most important aspect to consider is whether the design and colour you see on the computer are accurate as you print them. For this, you need to pay attention to the CMYK values and choose top-notch quality paper and printing services. To be sure about the outcome, you can make a draft design first and make the required changes before the final outcome. 

Create a Layout

You will find lots of templates out there for designing a calendar. Choose a template that is compatible with the bleed, cut and safety area. Moreover, the calendar layout must be convenient and suitable for the printed size. It will also be important for creating nail holes. 

Ensure consistency 

By consistency, I mean to use coherent colours, images and other details. There are many sources where you can get free images. However, when you are choosing the images for the calendar, always use high-quality images. Otherwise, you will get non-attractive, dull images that will impact the overall calendar design. 

Hence, the month and day name size should be cohesive, the dates should be visible but not too catchy, etc. For images, they must be vibrant, engaging and attractive. Likewise, each element on the calendar must be consistent on each page and should be based on theme. Then only you will get a great calendar which will be effective for the purpose. 

Create an impression with the appearance 

First impressions last forever. A calendar might be given to one. However, it's seen by hundreds and even thousands! The more exposure it gets, the more impression your brand can make. Think about the calendar you remember from the past. Maybe it's from the last year or further before, isn't it? Now, think of the reason why you remember that calendar, perhaps due to the design, uniqueness or something that has been established in your mind. 

That's how you need to establish your brand through a calendar. One way is to make a large-sized calendar which is easily visible and make a statement in the room. Think of the poster-size calendar. It's budget-friendly too! Another way to design a calendar is with attractive images, informative photos, popular quotations and so on. Choose one image for each page to make the calendar interesting and invite the users to want to see and know more.

Add company information, contact details and websites 

As you design, don't forget to highlight your brand logo and company-related details. Not only will the users memorize the brand name, but they will also be able to reach you whenever they need. Therefore, you should add the company address, contact information, and website details on every page of the calendar. To make it interesting and lucrative, you can add an offer. The users will stick to your calendar throughout the year. 

Make it durable and user-friendly

There are many ways you can make a calendar usable to the users. If you want your brand to be visible throughout the year, then you can go for wall calendars. Desk calendars are also equally effective these days. So, to make it attractive, choose a gloss or matte paper to print the calendar. It will be a part of the interior decoration for the users. The paper is smooth and easy to write, whether used as a home or corporate space. 

Another way to make your target consumers more attached to your calendar is to choose a paper they can write on. Doing so, the users will mark important dates, write important notes, contacts and so on. You can also keep a small pace for mentioning any event dates, time and other important details. 

Versatile ways of binding

With the emergence of technologies, you can now avail versatile ways to bind a calendar. Saddle stitch and wire O are two of the popular ways of calendar binding. In the saddle stitch, you attach the pages together with stapled ends. Whereas, in wire O, the calendar pages are cut with precision, then drilled and bound in nails. Varying the type of calendar, you choose the binding ways you prefer. 

Add promotional offers

Another interesting way to stay connected to the consumers is to give promotional offers. As you design the calendar, you can mention the offer so that they remember your brand. You can add a promotional code or highlight the dates of sales like 11/11, black friday, Christmas offers, etc. Thus, the calendar will do marketing on behalf of your company throughout the year. If your business is operating any

Get a draft calendar first! 

As you are done with all the design, paper quality, size and printing, don't forget to print a draft copy first. This way, you will see how the calendar looks in real life. Here, the important part is checking the colour quality, binding, convenience, size and so on. If you need to make any changes or rectify any details, this is the chance you have. Hence, you should always get a draft copy from the printing service company before you get the final copies. 

Final thought 

Here, I end the calendar printing tips. These are some exceptional tiny details that will elevate your calendar design and make it effective for branding. Apply them for the upcoming new year calendar and enjoy effortless campaigns throughout the year. If you have already made up your mind about creating personalized calendar designs, try our service at Print Britannia. Here, you will receive quality with uniqueness at the best price.