Decals and stickers are a powerful marketing medium these days. If you also want to embrace it for branding or product promotion, then you must have prior knowledge about it. Otherwise, it won't be as effective as you expect if the application of window decals and stickers is done by immature hands. 


In this article, I am going to instruct you on things you need for installation and how to apply window decals and stickers without bubbles. Stay tuned to learn more tips and maintenance.


How to Apply Window Decals & Stickers


Decals catch the attention of the passersby when attached to a car or window store. It's a minimal investment with maximum effect. Some of the advertising mediums are effortless, and window decals and stickers are one of them. Having said that, the application of them vary depending on the surface.


There are two types of decals available. One is adhesive-based, and the other one is cling. They have a slightly different procedure for application. First, I am going to tell you what you need for the sticker and decal application.


What You Need for Vinyl Decal Installation


  • Decals or window clings 

  • A spray bottle 

  • Water mixed with a few drops of dish soap 

  • Unused credit card or similar object with a strong and straight edge


To apply adhesive decals, clean the area properly, remove the protective cover, position the decal, and use a hard plastic object like a credit card to apply it and remove bubbles. For static cling decals, use a wet solution to apply large decals and the dry method for small decals.


Application of Window Decal 


Follow the step-by-step process to apply the window decal. 


Step 1: Clean the area 


Before you apply decals, you must clean the area first. You can clean it with an alcohol pad or soapy water. Then, allow the area to dry completely. Make sure the window is free of dust and debris. 


Step 2: Know your sticker 


One of the common questions we find is whether we should apply the sticker on the inside or outside the window. Well, it depends on the type of decal you have got. The decal has two sides. One is the shiny part, and the other one is smooth. The smooth part comes with a protective sheet where the adhesive is protected. 


Generally, the window decals are applied on the front of the window. This means the protective sheet will be on the back of the image. However, for inside window decals, the protective sheet is provided on the front. 


Step 3: Remove the protective layer 


Now, with clean hands, remove the protective sheet from the decal. Here, if your vinyl sticker is of letters, then you need to peel off the protective layer from each letter. In that case, remove each letter and apply would be the best way to apply. 


Step 4: Spray soapy water on the decal 


To ensure your sticker attaches to the window firmly, you will need soapy water. Spray a little amount of water on the sticker and the surface where you will apply the sticker. 


Step 5: Place the window decal 


Now, carefully place the decal on the window. Check if the position is correct. For large-size decals, using a level would be helpful for correct positioning. 


Step 6: Secure the decal 


After placing the decal, use the credit card and slide across the decal. Press side to side to make sure there is no bubble under the decal. It will also remove the access water if there is any.


Step 7: Remove the transfer tape 


As the installation is complete, remove the transfer tape. Start slowly from one corner and peel it at an angle motion. You can apply gentle pressure while removing. However, be aware of not removing the decal. 


After securing the decal, it should have no bubble and stay flat on the window. It won't peel away from the window, either. 


Tips for perfect decal installation 


Application decals and stickers on windows and car windows are the same. Use masking tape to hold the sticker in place. 


Avoid too hot, rainy or too cold weather for decal application. If the weather temperature is between 50–70 °F, it would be better for outdoor window decal application. 


Apply the decal in natural light. 


Refrain from using window cleaner for cleaning the window before decal application. It will leave a residue. 


Before applying a decal, especially a large decal, measure the surface and the decal. Otherwise, you might struggle to position the decal. 


Use a hair dryer in low heat to remove air bubbles. 


After application, leave the decal and the surface tape for at least 24 hours. The time will allow the decal to set strongly. 


For large-size decals, use masking tape and start in a section to apply the sticker. 


To remove the decal, just start peeling from one corner. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the residue. 


If possible, install in mild weather. Between 50 and 90 degrees F.


Final thought 


This is how to apply window decals and stickers. The steps are pretty simple that anyone can do. You just need to be patient to bring perfection. The additional tips will help you to be successful in every decal installation, no matter how big or small the sticker is.