Branding with office stationery items is an important and effective way for any business. We are already familiar with personalised business invitation cards. Adding to the list are letterheads, notepads, slip pads, and a lot more items that are customised with attractive designs.


Not only does it speak for the brand to the target audience, but it also works as a motivation to the employees working in the office. Hence, small to large companies are planning a budget for creating custom stationery items and printing their brand name on them. There is certainly a positive outcome, and this article will illustrate the importance, benefits, tips, and many more details regarding stationery printing for professional business branding campaigns.


What is corporate stationery, and why is it important for your business?


You will be amazed to know that branding with stationary items is not a recent concept. Dating back to the 1860s, the innovative idea was launched and is still running in the marketing strategy. In fact, it was Abraham Lincoln who first created a customised letterhead for his reelection campaign, printing his portrait at the corner of the letter. And the journey started since then. 


Later, during the 1900s, creating and printing designer business items was in full force. Some of the renowned brands like Tesla and other car companies printed the logo on their inventions to create a milestone. At present, companies create letters, business cards, invoices, envelopes, pens, etc, with their brand logo. They are functional and useful and speak for the brand. 


Though they are commonly used for internal communication, they are also fantastic promotional gifts to present at seminars, events, career fairs, etc. Every time the employees and other people see your brand logo on the stationary items, it gets recognition. 


You must have already realised the significance of stationery items on branding. To answer specifically about the importance, it easily and effectively creates a long-lasting impression at a glance. The more unique, creative and lucrative a design is, the more the brand name gets established in the audience's mind. Eventually, a new brand gets a corporate identity in no time. 


Top stationery items you can create in personalised design to establish a brand image 


There are plenty of items you can choose as stationary items for corporate needs. If you want to stay to the essentials only, then here are some of the items you must have to communicate and promote the business. 


Business Cards


The first and foremost item is a custom-made business card to illustrate the identity of a company. When you meet someone, to communicate further, you hand out the card. It also helps to build a strong network. Certainly, a business card is a must-have item for any company, and it's an affordable one to design. Hence, it's easy to print in bulk at a very reasonable price.


Compliment slips


To operate the official tasks, the employees need a few things on their desks. One of them is a customised compliment slip. And you can use this simple piece of paper for your brand marketing. Though these slips are used for day-to-day office work, you can also use them for congratulation notes, appreciation messages and any heartfelt message to your employees, colleagues, consumers or partners. No matter who you hand out this paper, the content and the design are enough to make the recipient feel recognised. 


Letterheads & Envelopes


For writing any report, project proposal, corporate application or printing invoice, a customised letterhead is a professional way of corporal communication. The personalised letterheads with envelopes illustrate the significance and seriousness of the matter. Creating and printing your own company's letterheads and envelopes are mandatory stationery items for professional communications.   




The world might depend on technology, but the need for papers will never decrease. It's a necessary item for employees and an amazing promotional item to give away at seminars, conferences, events and New Year's Eve. It's also easy to design with a company logo and to compliment colours for an attractive appearance.  


Presentation Folders


Presentation folders are mainly used for office purposes. It allows the user to keep the documents organised. If you are preparing to present at any corporate events, the personalised presentation folders will keep the handouts in place and represent your company. It's called effortless branding. 


Labels and Stickers


If your business is product-based, then labels and stickers can bring a professional look to your product. They require minimal investment, and you can get custom-printed stickers and labels of various sizes and shapes as you want. Not many companies opt for such materials. Using them can be an innovative, versatile and unique way to make your brand remembered.


Appointment Card Printing


For service oriented companies like doctors, salons, dentists, counselling centres, therapy institutes, etc., make appointments of clients before providing their service. The assigned service provider and the clients both need an appointment card to avail and access the service. By creating customised appointment cards, you can enjoy effortless marketing through your consumers. The more people see the card, the more they will know about your service and remember the brand name. It also requires very minimal investment to create personalised appointment cards.  


Benefits of Branded Business Stationery?


It might seem investing in business stationery items is an unnecessary expense. However, in reality, you can actually enjoy effortless branding with simple personalised items. Not only does it showcase professionalism, but it also makes communication easier with the consumers, employees, and related people with whom you often interact for business purposes. Undoubtedly, it's effective marketing that comes with added benefits. 


Personalised business stationery items ensure credibility 


Consumers demand reliability from any product or service they consume. When you present your company through customised items like business cards, discount cards, appointment cards, etc, containing logos, addresses, and contact details, they find you trustworthy and reliable. 


Creating brand awareness


By printing brand logos in every material, you are encouraging the outer world to recognise your brand. The more visibility your brand gets, the more awareness the target consumers have about your existence. 


Standout in the respective field 


If you can create remarkable and outstanding designs and print them on innovative stationery items, then you can easily mark yourself as distinct from your fellow competitors. The consumers will recognise you fast and lean more towards your products. It's an effective marketing tool in that case. 


The printing solution that you need 


Business stationery items are useful and necessary for professional purposes. At the same time, it allows the companies to establish their position in the respective field. Considering the above-mentioned ideas, you can create creative stationery items for your company. 


For this, you need a reliable printing service that can provide all these items at the best quality and in a reasonable price range. Print Britannia can provide you with a reliable printing service in the UK where you can get trendy stationery items of your own choice. We have the best resources, print quality, and versatile sizes for you to choose from. 


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Final thought


To sum up, to create a first impression, custom-printed business stationery items are the first material to play a significant role. They carry your business identity and illustrate the product quality to the consumers. By incorporating the brand image and contact information, you are making the consumer's lives easy to avail of your service. So, plan profoundly how effectively you can utilise this opportunity to create your own branded stationery items and get established in the field immediately.