So you want to know how to print a magazine in detail? That’s needed indeed. Unless you learn something thoroughly, you won't be able to get the best of it. The magazine is a periodical publication. Generally, it focuses on trendy issues and often becomes a reader's friend during a journey or before going to bed. 


Look, despite being in the digital age, there is a significant demand for magazine printing service all over the world. We face a number of customers craving such a service. According to IBISWorld's statistics, the market size of the global magazine publishing industry is worth around $70bn. Believably, from here, you can better realise the importance of magazine printing. 


However, the magazine printing process is an uphill task that demands detailed knowledge. And only sound knowledge can lead toward better planning. This article will address all the concerns. It will fully enable you to print magazines successfully. 


Magazine Printing - a Detailed Guide You Should Follow  


Remarkably, technological advancement and the addition of advertisements fueled the magazine printing business to a large extent. Magazine printing is fell under the type of booklet printing. However, before printing you have to be tactful and learn some crucial things. Grab them from the points below to how to print a magazine successfully! 


Set the Theme 


Magazine printing options in the United Kingdom are available. You don't need to worry about that. Rather, it would help best if you have to set your magazine theme first. 


Remember, the basis of your magazine is the theme. Selecting the theme according to your niche as well as target customer is the foremost requirement. So better have a clear idea of what you are going to do. It will be wise to make a precise version of that idea and turn it into the theme. Your theme should be smart enough so that the designer can feed his head and create something extraordinary. 


Select the Title and Headline 


The selected title should represent your brand. Better go through the headlines of the world’s best magazines like TIME Magazine, Filmfare Magazine, Harvard Business Review HBR Magazine, The Economist Magazine, etc. It would undoubtedly be great to come up with a catchy title and headline. Remember, only engaging content can overwhelm the prospect instantly. So there is no way of avoiding for the betterment of your business. Your hired expert copywriter can be a great helping hand in this regard.  


Have a Robust Content Planning 


In a magazine, content is the core thing you are going to rely on most. Preparing a table of content will ease the process for magazine printing. It will be helpful for time management and stress minimising. After having all the articles along with their relevant images, you need to make a table of content. The magazine may deal with fashion, music, travel, gardening, current issues, health, sports, or something else. Important is, choosing such content that instigates the target audience and meets their needs. 


Determine how much paper you require for the intended project. It will be helpful for your assigned printing agent. It would help best if you were cautious of counting the pages at the time of relaying them to the printer. Remember, according to the printer, each side is a separate page, and every sheet stands for two pages. 


Choose the Cover Article


This is a vital and indispensable part of every magazine. Before you google ‘magazine printing uk,’ you better make sure this. How?


Let’s say your magazine is a celebrity-focused magazine of the UK’s sports arena. Then it would help best if the cover article contained engaging interviews of the sporting stars like David Beckham, Ben Stokes, etc. And in the case of travel articles, we suggest focusing on destination spots. 


Choose Your Cover Image 


We treat the cover photo as the ‘face of a brand’. It lies in the centre of the page and is drawn to the top. It will be wise to make it captivating by putting exciting content there. 


You will need a level of 300 PPI to print in the magazine. Breaking the cover into a matrix of 3×3 is wise. The cover photo captivates and retains the market for your brand. Better leave no stone unturned to ensure attractive colours and align them with the title and headline of the magazine. 


Check out the Magazine Printing Paper 


Do you know your magazine printing price will go up for thick paper stock? You don’t need papers’ durability in the long run, simply because people are not going to go through your magazine pages frequently. So better prefer thin paper stock for the interior pages. It will help reduce the postage cost due to its less weight. Moreover, it is web press-friendly. 


However, it would help to fix the paper characteristics like texture and sheen level depending on the image. Please keep in mind- a heavy magazine cover ensures a higher image quality.


Think about Ink Colours


Always get a magazine printed with proper colour quality. All the magazine printing companies do NOT ensure that. Anyway, if you want the utmost visual impact for advertisements in the magazine, you may print magazine with a full-colour cover and full-colour pages. And yes, always prioritise ink colours. You can also ask your printing service provider to ensure a combination of black-ink text and full-colour images. 


And make one thing clear to your printer whether you need crop marks. Are you familiar with this? Crop marks the thin lines placed at the corners of the magazine’s image or page after printing.


Get Familiar with Magazine Printer Machine


Let not your order be in vain. Instead, it would help if you had some idea of the best magazine printing machines before you place your order. Even if you go for magazine printing online, you should have a good idea of their magazine printing machine. Look, magazine printing is a specialised type of printing.  


Did you know the leaser-based printer is more trendy than inkjet printers? Here we present the most advanced magazine printers both for small and bulk magazine printing. These are some of the best in 2021:


  • HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw
  • Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850
  • Lexmark MC2535adwe
  • Brother HL-L9310CDW
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-in-One Printer
  • HP Envy Pro 6452 All-in-One
  • Brother MFC-J6945DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer


Have a Schedule for Production


You might be wondering- what are the best magazine printers near me. You will have several local magazine printers available around you as well. But look, finding and assigning a reliable printing agency is not enough. You have to decide whether you need short run magazine printing, i.e., fewer than 500 copies or the opposite. And a good schedule is a must for desired custom magazine printing. You had better include all the present and probable drawbacks. In this regard, consider the following things: 


  • Fixing a particular schedule for the designing process 
  • Setting deadlines for every submission 
  • Using magazine printing cost calculator to know the average cost of printing a magazine
  • Accomplishing the design graphics, think discussing your assigned printing company on how would they arrange the graphics on the sheets
  • Leaving space for proofreading 


Print Your Magazine Online


Are you not sure where to print a magazine comfortably? Well, just google print magazine uk. You will have many online magazine printing services in the United Kingdom to print a magazine. Their well-built websites shall allow you to print custom magazines in respect of size, number, colours, paper type, binding, paperweight, sides, or pages. Then how much does it cost to publish a magazine you might want to know. Well, your magazine printing costs will depend on these criteria. No worries, there are many cheap magazine printing companies in the United Kingdom, and you will be happy with your low cost magazine printing.  


You can easily discover and buy the top magazine templates online. Some of them may not be affordable for you. And if you are thinking about where to print your magazine cheap or searching like print my own magazine, then rush toward Print Britannia. As one of the cheap magazine printing services, we have been serving publishers and organisations for years without compromising quality. You just text us ‘print my magazine,’ we will do the rest!


Closing Thoughts 


This was the promised guide on magazine printing from us. Yes, as a professional body, it was a part of our self-commitment to help you get your desired printed magazines. Now it’s time to choose one of the best magazine printing companies. The choice is yours. Anyway, best of luck! This detailed guide will suffice for you, hopefully.