Branding with stationary items is an effective and innovative approach in the advertising field. The purpose of paying attention to the design is to stand out and attract consumers towards the brand. Out of all other marketing strategies, stationery items are functional elements that also hold the brand's identity. 


At a glance, the consumer can grasp the quality and establish an impression of a certain brand. The more unique and creative the design is, the more consumers can feel an attachment to the brand. Hence, it's important to consider how the business stationery items look for the sustainability of the brand. 


In this article, I will certainly illustrate some of the essential stationery design tips that will make your brand stand out instantly. As a bonus, you will get to know some crucial information that will help you in branding. 


Best Stationery Design Tips


Stationary items may look simple. However, branding through such items is very competitive these days. Hence, creating innovative stationery items requires skills and knowledge. While designing business stationery items, you need to first think about the type of materials you want to include, such as a pen, notebook, slip pad, calendar, letterhead, etc. 


Mostly, the stationary items are used at the office premises, but they can be alluring promotional gift packets to present at seminars, events and the New Year. So, there are many factors that a company needs to consider when designing the most effective stationary items for their business promotion. 


Understand the purpose and types:


Designing stationery items is commonly done for business promotional purposes. However, sometimes people create them for personal reasons, too. Then, varying the type of stationary item, the design and printing technique changes. Considering purposes like business correspondence, personal reasons, or corporate events, you need to think about what type of stationary design you want to create. 


As you decide on the purpose, the type of design you should create comes next. You must have noticed there is a wide variety of stationery designs that complete the different requirements. For instance, items that are used on desks, such as pens, notebooks, and slip pads, are designed with simple logo prints. Items like paper, poster board, plastic, or faux wood require a stencil. So, the purpose and type of stationary items go hand in hand. Make the decision wisely. 


Design a powerful logo 


The logo is the face of every business. No matter how simple or small the stationary item is, the logo will represent your company. Therefore, it must be visible, powerful and strong. An impressive logo will be established in the audience's heart.


No matter what stationery items you would like to design for your company, one thing that will have to be there is your company logo. Thus, it's extremely important to create a strong and impressive logo that is noticeable and unforgettable. Since a logo will be required for the lifetime of the company, it's always the best idea to have it designed by a professional designer. 


The designer will be able to create innovative designs, eye-catching colours, and suitable fonts that complement each component. The designer and you should have an idea about your fellow competitors' logo design and come up with an extraordinary design that will capture the audience's attention. Moreover, as you create the logo, make sure to get various versions of it. Then, you can easily use them on various materials in different sizes as well. 


Create your own style 


As already mentioned, company branding through stationery items is very effective but competitive. If you can't come up with a unique style, it's not going to serve the purpose. Be aware of the current trend and what your competitors are following. Based on your research, you should come up with a classic and futuristic style that will be distinct from the regular trend.


This step is necessary because stationery items are functional and spread the brand name faster than any other medium. Hence, it's important to pick a unique shape and style in the items you choose. Additionally, how and where you place the logo and brand name that will catch attention will play a vital role in it. 


Colour selection 


The choice of colours is a major factor in representing any brand. Not only is it important for the company's identity, but also it's a matter of catching the target audience's attention. In this case, first think of the colour for the logo you have created. It needs to be vibrant so that it speaks for your brand. 


Then, for stationery items, choose a colour that complements and accentuates the logo design as well as your unique style. It's highly recommended to go by a certain colour scheme. To understand if monochromatic, analogous, or opposite colours relate better to your brand, you can use a colour wheel. It will also help you understand if you should go with bold or soft colours. You can also do a test before finalising the colour selection. 


Organise the Information


Organising information is equally important as colour selection. Depending on the size of the stationary items, you need to organise the set of information you want to include. For instance, you want to print a logo, address, contact information, email address, web address on letterhead, envelopes and similar resources. 


Here, you have a large space to include all the information depending on the paper size. However, if you want to print the same information on a pen, slip pad or a business letter, you need to think of the functionality of the material first. Then, decide which information will be necessary to print on the item. Also, the size of the information must be suitable for the item as well. For example, for letterhead, printing the information at the bottom of the paper and for a pen, printing the logo, contact information and company URL in the middle would be unique and suitable. 




The quality of the stationary items will also represent the quality of your product and service. It's essential to choose the best quality materials that represent professionalism. If you want to create a personalised letterhead or notepad, then use thick paper. For envelopes or invitation letters, you can choose glossy paper stock, too. Then, to highlight your brand image, you can use different styles like embossing, glitter and unique font styles. Keep it simple but focus on the best quality in colour, item, and printing. These are enough to beat your fellow competitors. 


Printing Methods


As you have resourced all the essential materials, the final crucial aspect is choosing the right printing method. Remember, the design can make or break with poor-quality printing. If you want your entire design to be catchy, then you can choose from hot foil stamping, letterpress or reverse-side printing techniques. They look lavish and catch the audience's attention effectively. Though they are quite expensive, the outcome is worth the price. 


Final thought 


I have covered the important tips that will create extraordinary stationery items. Now, it's time for you to create your very own branded stationery items. Though there is no boundary to design and produce the materials, these tips will help you create unique ones. Get professional help if you want something innovative for your brand. At Print Britannia, you can get the best quality customised stationery items at the best price in the UK.