Ever imagined uplifting the mood at work with customised stationery items? Often corporate sectors embrace stationery items for brand promotion. It's another way to motivate employees to feel valued working at the company. Starting the day with a custom-designed calendar, letter pad, or pen reminds the employees that they are a valuable part of the company.


If you want to create your own designed stationery items for brand promotion, then knowing the works best would be beneficial for you. The options for stationery items are limitless. Hence, this article is all about discussing the best printed stationary types in London that will positively impact the business. 


Best Printed Stationary Types in London


Every year they custom-create items like pens, calendars, notebooks etc., to give to their clients and consumers. Besides, using stationery items with personalised designs for office purposes is also in practice for years. Creating a brand identity and engaging the clients and employees in the process can be done with simple stationery items with personalised designs. 


Here Are The Popular Items That Never Fail To Work For Brand Promotion. 



Calendars are an essential item required for daily use. From students to corporate, every age group need a calendar. Why not use this essential item for brand promotion? 


You can now create a custom-designed calendar in various sizes, shapes and colours. Not only that, you can choose a pocket calendar, desk or wall calendar, as well as a unique form of advertisement. 


You can also choose to create a calendar in A3 or A4 size in a spiral or staple binding. Staples or spirals are both popular types of booklet binding which strongly bind the paper stack. Corporate organisations place desk calendars at the reception or employee desk. Hence, it's a common yet useful gift item for the new year. 


Compliment Slips


Want to send a congratulatory message or gratitude? Design and create compliment slips with your own business logo. It adds value to your company on the note and, at the same time, portrays your appreciation sincerely. It's a unique and meaningful gesture that not all corporate organisations embrace. Hence, to articulate your message to a client and branding effortlessly. 


Print a customised compliment slip on 100/120/170gsm bond or 120gsm conqueror diamond white card stock to strengthen the bond. 


Document Printing

A day can be spent without documents in the corporate sector. It's an inseparable stationary item for a company. Hence, to write your own data or send official documents to clients, personalised documents would weigh the identity of your company.


It's another way of branding which you can use for printing, packaging and delivery. Not only that, you can personalise your documents like brochures, flyers, legal affairs, leaflets etc. with your company name and logo.


Varying the use of the document, you can select the type and size of the paper you want. Choose between A3 or A4 sizes for regular documents or marketing items. Besides, there is a wide range of papers from 80gsm to 350gsm for you to choose from. 


Here, 80gsm is suitable for simple documents like notepads, drafts, assignments etc. For CVs or official letters, 120 and 100gsm is a good options. If you want to print brochures or leaflets, go for 130 gsm. Any paper thicker than 130 are used for flyers, menu, business card, photo print etc. 


ID Cards


For students, employees, and recipients, having an ID card is essential at events. When there is a wide range of ID card material available, choose from PVC, lanyard, aluminium or plastic, whichever id badge meets your requirements and budget. The standard id badge size is 86 x 54mm and of 750mics thickness. It makes the id strong and durable. The id badges come with a premium quality lanyard and hook or safety clip to readily use it. 




Do you need a letterhead for your business? Create a personalised letterhead with company details and establish your brand. There is a wide variety of paper, colour and finish for you to choose from. For standard quality letterhead, choose from Conqueror or bond paper in 100gsm or 120gsm. It would be of a standard thickness to print your custom design. Not only that, the paper would be suitable for single or double side print. You can print the letterhead in A4 and A5 sizes. 


Presentation Folders


Create a long-lasting impression with personalised presentation folders. In this folder, you can keep your information secure and organised. The folder can contain pockets for business cards and slips. To complement it with your brand, choose a colour that matches the logo. Besides, the folder will help you secure all the related documents for presentations or visiting clients. You can also use it as a gift item for brand promotion. 


Final thought 


To sum up, these are the six items for the best printed stationary types in London. Each of these items is necessary and used on a daily basis. As you create it for your personal use or design it for a gift purpose, know that the stationary items will promote your brand equally fast as tv commercials. Since the items are useful, the recipients will love to hold on to them. This way, you will enjoy effortless marketing for your brand.